Current Curly Hair Favorites

The three of us have very different hair types and textures.. likewise, we all use very different hair products and tools for the most part! Straight hair went up last week.. this week is curly hair! If you’ve got straight hair.. head HERE.

As you all probably know by now.. we’ve been on a wild hair journey with Emery to retrain her beautiful curls. I won’t go into all of those details in this post, but if your hair looks like the first picture and you’re hoping for the after picture THIS blog post will be super helpful for you. It’s got all the details on how Em totally rehabbed her hair.


Here’s a list of the current items we use for curly hair:

  1. Olaplex Shampoo – This is their No. 4 bottle. It’s designed for bond maintenance on damaged hair and it’s good for any hair type. It’s free from harsh chemicals and is safe on color treated hair. If you use heat at all on your hair or don’t get it cut regularly, it’s probably damaged.. I recommend this shampoo and the conditioner to everyone.
  2. Olaplex Conditioner – This is their No. 5 bottle. It’s the pair for the shampoo, so it’s made for the same bond repair. The conditioner also combats dryness in hair. When I started using this I saw a huge decline in frizziness after just a couple of washes! My hair is NOTICEABLY softer when I use this product! A little goes a very long way.
  3. Olaplex Mask – This is their No. 8 bottle. This is the best for those coily curls. It locks in moisture to even the thickest of hair!
  4. It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner – This stuff works miracles.. it’s on the higher side for price, but you only use a little bit at a time when you wash your hair so it lasts quite awhile! It’s a detangler, de-frizzer, split end repairer, and heat protectant. This is soooo important if you use heat on your hair at all.. for curly hair it’s especially important. We still use a diffuser on curls to dry. Don’t apply a ton because you don’t want the product to weigh down the curls.
  5. Moroccanoil Hair Oil – I add a pump of this to the Olaplex 6 and mix it all together. It’s just another hydrating product. It’s super light weight and really great for hair health. A lot of days. Emery JUST uses a hair oil to style her hair. THIS is another favorite of hers. It smells super yummy too!
  6. Kinky-Curly Custard – This stuff is one of the most important pieces of the curly hair puzzle. It doesn’t leave your curls heavy or crunchy at all. It’s actually kinda hard to find in stores.. we get it at Target but always have a good stock pile because of it. LESS IS MORE! Don’t forget that!!
  7. Olaplex 6 – I use this one regardless of how my hair is… both straight and curly.. my frizzy hair could NOT function without this.
  8. Bathpack Hair Oil – this stuff… guys, you just need a teeeeeeennnnyyyy tiny bit and your hair will look and feel amazing! It also works really well as a detangler. You can use code TARA on their site! I recommend just grabbing this essential kit because the spray bottle is awesome.

Hair Tools

Hair tools can be a hot topic, literally… It took me forever to figure out that my old tools weren’t working because the heat was simultaneously destroying my hair. Here are the only things Emery or I use on curly hair

1. Dyson Dryer & Diffuser – I wish it was cheaper, but I’ve had it for three years and I am still in love with it just as much as when I bought it. It is sooo worth the money. If you haven’t ever used a diffuser before on curly hair, it’s a total game changer. Put the heat setting on low, attach the diffuser and dry by pushing the diffuser on to the ends and scruch upwards. I also will use this on just the roots as well! The diffuser spreads the heat evenly across the hair instead of being focused on one place. It’s a lot easier and causes minimal to no damage.

Dyson Dryer & Diffuser


Between wash days curls definitely need a pick-me-up sometimes. But hey, what doesn’t!? There’s no magical tool for this other than this continuous sprayer bottle.. I just dampen, scrunch and add curl cream and both this hair oil or this hair oil as needed.. sometimes I’ll diffuse!


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Hopefully that was helpful for all of you trying to find the best products for your curly hair… Glad Emery persisted on this journey because I’ve found what works for my hair along the way, too!