Current Straight Hair Favorites

The three of us have very different hair types and textures.. likewise, we all use very different hair products and tools for the most part! Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to do a blog post covering what each of us use (maybe even one of Braun and the boys if you’re interested!?). First up, straight hair!

Someone said to me in DMs the other day, “Hi Tara, I would love to know what your natural hair is!” Truth is, I’m still trying to figure out what my hair actually is… some days I can style it with ringlets and they’ll hold, some days it’s straight, sometimes wavy. I wish I had Emery’s commitment to find out what it would do if I just stopped using heat (but that won’t ever happen haha!). Mostly, my hair is just straight and course, so it holds style really well. I’ve also been known to dye it every now and then – so I’ll give some pointers for blonde hair, too!


Here’s a list of the current items I use on hair washing days.. oh, I guess that’s tip #1: I don’t wash daily.. I’m always curious what everyone else’s hair wash routine is!? I learned how to train my hair from my friend, Jasmine!

  1. Olaplex Shampoo – This is their No. 4 bottle. It’s designed for bond maintenance on damaged hair and it’s good for any hair type. It’s free from harsh chemicals and is safe on color treated hair. If you use heat at all on your hair or don’t get it cut regularly, it’s probably damaged.. I recommend this shampoo and the conditioner to everyone.
  2. Olaplex Conditioner – This is their No. 5 bottle. It’s the pair for the shampoo, so it’s made for the same bond repair. The conditioner also combats dryness in hair. When I started using this I saw a huge decline in frizziness after just a couple of washes!
  3. Olaplex Leave-in Treatment – This is their No. 6 bottle. It is a super moisturizing cream. I just put between a pea and dime size amount in my hand and work it through my hair, focusing on the mid/ends of my hair. This is really helpful for damaged hair, and works on all hair types!
  4. It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner – This stuff works miracles.. it’s on the higher side for price, but you only use a little bit at a time when you wash your hair so it lasts quite awhile! It’s a detangler, de-frizzer, split end repairer, and heat protectant. This is soooo important if you blow dry, straighten, curl or use heat on your hair at all!
  5. Moroccanoil Hair Oil – I actually just add a drop or two of this to a leave in product. It’s just another hydrating product. It’s super good to use on your face and nails too, but I don’t use it for that.
  6. Modere Collagen – I don’t know if there’s anything else collagen could do for me besides run my errands.. seriously hair, skin, nails, joints, you name it.. It boosts growth like nothing else!

Hair Tools

Hair tools can be a hot topic, literally… It took me forever to figure out that my old tools weren’t working because the heat was simultaneously destroying my hair. Here are my current favorites:

1. Dyson Air Wrap – I wish it was cheaper, but I’ve had it for three years and I am still in love with it just as much as when I bought it. It is sooo worth the money. All of the attachments replace so many different hair tools! This Revlon one is the same idea with the brush dryer.. but please be careful, it gets SO hot and I totally learned the hard way.. the excess heat on your head is never a good idea.

2. Bondiboost Hair Waver – This has been my go-to lately! I wear my hair like the picture above quite a bit. These are 32mm barrels so it leaves big beachy waves.. no crimped look here. The cord also swivels all the way around which is super convenient. The temp is adjustable, but I recommend lower heat and hold a bit longer to save your hair from unnecessary damage!

3. Babylisspro Flat Iron – This is what Anisten and I both use. If you try to find it anywhere besides Ulta, be careful because we’ve bought a couple “cheaper” that ended up being total knock-offs.


Navy Haircare is holding strong with the best sprays for my hair. I found them not to long ago and I’ve been hooked since! They aren’t heavy on my hair and they don’t make it feel crunchy at all or leave build up.

1. Texture Spray – This is a flexible/light spray so your hair still moves around but maintains it’s shape. It also washes out super easily. The UV protectant in it is great for color treated hair!

2. Shine Spray – Love this because it can be used on wet or dry hair. If you use on wet it doubles as a heat protectant.


Had to dig in the archives for this picture! Blonde with braces. I miss that length so much. Anyway, for my blondies out there.. this Fenola No Yellow Shampoo was the only thing I found that truly pulled the brassy tones out. It’s the best purple shampoo out there. I used it every other wash. The before and afters are pretty amazing.

Fenola No Yellow Shampoo

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Hopefully that was helpful for all of you trying to find the best products for your straight hair..It’s been a journey just to find these! You curly or wavy haired people just hang on! It’s coming later for you this week!