Amazon Purchases: April 2021

This month was a mash-up of things from home stuff to swim cover-ups to tech gear.. it’s all in there. Number one thing I love about Amazon? I can find useful everyday items at prices I can actually afford from my couch. Sometimes they even deliver same day!

Tech Gear

This month had a lot of tech gear. Some repeats because I love them so much, and some new stuff I saw and had to test out!

  1. iPhone stand – This is what I use to record all of my stories! I love it so much.. I have 2 at my house and 1 in st George.. this one was a total duplicate, nothing happened to mine! It’s just that good.
  2. Portable Charger – I love these chargers so much. I have one on me at all times. It came in super handy in Vegas and at Lagoon, otherwise my phone would have died (hello too many pictures and videos) and I would’ve been searching for the kids!
  3. Memory Card for iPad – twice upon a time my computer completely died… so I found this little guy so that I could stick my memory card right into the bottom of my iPad. Have you done this?? Game changer for editing photos on your iPad! Also will work with computers. It is teeny! Love it and wish I found it sooner!
  4. Wall Adapter Charger – got this for traveling. I love how it is so small and has 4 ports! 2 for my computer and iPad and 2 for my phone and AirPods!

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Kitchen Items

There’s always room for one more kitchen gadget, right?!

  1. Paper Towel Holder – Grabbed this for the basement! I love that we are finally nearing the final stages down there!
  2. Bar Keeper’s Friend – This is the premixed, ready to go version (the other you have to dilute yourself).. Love this for my sink and pans. Works on just about anything and any surface.
  3. Waffle Maker – grabbed this one for St. George! The kids love anything mini, but my single just wasn’t keeping up for making multiple at a time. Saw my friend Jasmine share about it and knew I had to have it.
  4. Gluten Free Mix – this kind is the best. I stocked up for waffles when I grabbed the maker, but I also use it for banana bread, crepes, chicken pot pie… you name it!

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Some of the items that helped me survive the past months…

  1. Gluten Free Mix – I know this is in here twice, but it’s really that good (and was the only thing that could fall in two categories) I use this GF mix in everything!
  2. Headache Oil – the headaches and migraines hit me so hard this month.. this oil helped alleviate some of it without taking meds.
  3. White Ice Rollers – This is a cooling roller.. it helps reduce puffiness/tighten/brighten but I mostly used it for migraine and headache relief. The cooling element helps a ton!
  4. OxyPower Pills – oxy powder.. over 1100 of you guys bought this after I shared how well it works. True story… I am blown away by this! I have tried COUNTLESS other supplements to help keep me regular and this works!! Start with 1 pill at night PLEASE. I can’t imagine taking 4.. that sounds miserable (and the horror stories in DMs prove it)! Haha If 1 pill doesn’t work, try another one the next night.. work your way up to 4 if you feel like you need it!

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Other Things

A few random things for the “kids”…

  1. Rings for Emery – Put both gold and silver in her Easter basket and she loves them!!
  2. Dog Collar – Pennie chewed through her collar while we were gone (weird, I’m sure you are all shocked…) so we had to get her another! We love these ones and the matching leashes and use the QALO tags
  3. Dog Leash – matches the collars above!
  4. Swimsuit Cover up – thought this would be super cute this summer!

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• • •

Hope you can find something fun on here to try! Happy shopping!

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