3 Ways To Refresh Your Interiors

If you have teenagers, tweenagers, or any underage humans at your house, you know that they are fickle. They love something so much one moment but two weeks later they hate that item they once couldn’t imagine living without. (insert eye-roll)

But when it comes to their bedrooms, both Em and Anisten have been fairly consistent with their style and haven’t had an “I hate everything” meltdown. I know it’s bound to happen at some point but they’ve both been involved in the evolution of their rooms as they’ve come together and I think that’s really helped them to love where they sleep.

The other thing we’ve done is periodically we will switch out certain elements of the room to ‘freshen’ it up. But the key to this is not letting your budget get out of hand! It’s easy to go drop a bunch of $$$ on a room overhaul but it’s totally not necessary.

Today I’m sharing 3 ways you can revive a dull space and not have it cost part of your kid’s college tuition. This post is sponsored by Walmart!


Switch out everyday accessories

One of the easiest ways to instantly switch up a room is to switch out accessories – everyday items that you see and use the most. This could be a laundry basket, a lamp, a rug – things that tie a room together but if changed, would instantly make it feel different. I was recently shopping with the girls at WalMart and came across this macrame basket set that I instantly fell in love with from Drew Barrymore Flower Home.

One of the reasons you’ve seen me shopping more at Walmart is in large part due to the wide assortment of stuff I can get there from big name brands! I get quality pieces at a fraction of the price. In fact, when I got this basket set, I was actually able to use one in Annie’s room for laundry, one in Emery’s room for her plant, and one as a garden tote!



Another thing I loved about these baskets is that I was able to tie in other pieces in Emery’s room! The macrame fit in perfectly with her hanging chair, throw pillow, as well as some wall art that we purchased a few weeks back – which brings me to tip #2:

Switch out floor coverings and wall art

A whole new floor? Removing wallpaper or wall decals? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus, those are items you usually pay big bucks for in the first place – it’s simply not affordable to switch out every time they get called ‘stupid’ or ‘ugly’ because they’ve fallen out of favor with your 14-yr-old.

I love to grab a new rug (or two, rugs look AWESOME layered!) and a few framed prints and bring new life into a room. Anisten’s room has kind of a ‘blush boho’ vibe to it and it’s something she really likes, however, bringing in this turquoise/green rug and this matching hanging glass light fixture would totally change the look and feel of that room! It would make it an incredibly rich feeling room in an instant. She’s got such a bold flower print on her accent wall that almost anything else would just make it feel over the top!


• • •

swap out a piece of furniture or bedding

The easiest and probably the most obvious way to change a space is to bring in a new piece of furniture or switch up the bedding. You can bring in a piece of furniture from another room (a desk, sitting chair, repurpose a side table as a nightstand) or purchase a new piece altogether. If you want to do something more budget-friendly, try purchasing a new set of sheets or duvet cover. There were some really gorgeous pieces that would have instantly added to either of the girl’s rooms like this cute pink-patterned chair or this navy velvet headboard. We instead ended up picking up these really beautiful ruffled sheets in white (also came in navy).


One other thing that I love about this new collection at WalMart is that you can shop by style or color. With over 250 SKUs, there are so many options! Plus, the quality is so good and totally rivals that of some of my more expensive designer pieces!

If you do decide to check it out but don’t want to go in person (I don’t blame you. I like to pretend I’m a lady of leisure and do all my shopping online) you can always browse online and get FREE shipping on all orders over $35!

So go check it out and let me know if you picked anything up!

Even Pennie and Goldie can get in on the action with their NEW dog beds!

Happy Shopping!

Xx Tara


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