5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

It may be 90 degrees outside my window as I’m writing this but now is the time to stock up for fall. You may think it’s way too early but if you wait too long, all the good stuff is gone! But before you consider a total closet overhaul, keep in mind that with some strategic styling, your favorite summer go-to’s (and even some of those dresses you’ve collected) can be repurposed for cooler months. So, I partnered with Walmart to share my 5 fall wardrobe essentials to seamlessly transition your wardrobe from summer to fall!



Listen, even though fall feels like the shortest season, there is a lot of life that exists before the down-jacket-necessary-bone-chilling-temperature drop. Days may be getting shorter and darker, and you may feel a chill just thinking about the oncoming frigid temps, but that means you need to be on the hunt for the perfect cinch-waist, tailored jacket. It’s lightweight, goes with anything, and will have you feeling like fall really is your favorite holiday. A classic anorak ticks all these boxes plus anyone you buy is almost guaranteed to be water-resistant and available in a ton of fun colors! Plus, you know how I feel about leopard print….

I love this one for the fun color options and prints on the inside! (always feeling that leopard vibe) We even found a super cute jean jacket for Emery in the same print!



• • •


2) The perfect basic tee, but long-sleeve

Basic tees are a staple. Every woman should have at least one really good t-shirt in her closet. It’s a staple you can mix into your wardrobe year after year and it never gets old. But as we all know, not all shirts are made equal. First, it’s going to get colder, so long-sleeve is a must! Second, get one that fits you perfectly! A shirt is simple and unadorned by definition, so it’s best to choose one made of a high-quality fabric that ditches the details and frills that would date it. And then choose one that is neither skintight nor baggy; it should just skim the body. The idea is that this shirt is going to be a staple through fall and winter – so you need it to be able to be layered and paired with lots of different looks!

This long-sleeve henley is the stuff of dreams. Great quality, available in a million (ok, like 12) colors (one of them being leopard which SOOO many of you have sent me pictures of!!), and such a great fit. Not too baggy, not too tight, and a little long in the arms. I’ve also got it on in the orange above and bought the leopard print for later. Seriously SO GOOD.


• • •


3) comfort coords aka a matching sweatsuit

In 2000, this would have been a velour tracksuit. You know, low-rise bootcut pants (with or without “Juicy” plastered on the butt, depending on your cool points/parents) with matching zip-up hoodies that were great for when you needed to both highlight your nonexistent assets in class and also run a mile at a moment’s notice. Bet you even paired yours with Uggs…no judgment. But this new version of the velour tracksuit is more classic. And comfortable. They’re perfect for travel, available in a myriad of colors and styles, and they’re really inexpensive! Like this set I showed in my Instastories the other night that is $16 TOTAL! (you can buy the separates 2 for $16 – bottoms or tops)

They’re perfect for running around, lounging, traveling (if you’ve ever done a 12-hour plane ride in jeans, you know the pain), and don’t worry, you can still run a mile at a moment’s notice but you’ll look really good doing it! I got this one for Dash but Anisten stole it right out of my bag. I don’t blame her.


• • •

JEANS (similar) | SWEATER & THIS ONE is way cute too! Size up. Emery is in a small and me a medium.

4) Sweaters

You might feel like this is right up there with sweats (see #3) but I’m telling you, sweaters deserve their own section. In the fall, you usually put away your floral dresses and cropped blouses to make way for corduroys, statement coats, and plush, cozy sweaters. Unfortunately, though, along with all the extra warmth the pieces provide, winter clothing usually comes with a higher price tag. But these sweaters that I’ve curated below are all affordable! What?!? And they’re CUTE!

I know…I’m working miracles today.


A sweater is the perfect thing to throw on when it’s cool enough for an extra layer but too hot for a jacket! It’s also a great way to introduce a print into your wardrobe which, if I had a #6 on this list, would be to mix in a fun print other than plaid. You know my go-to. If people wear a print in the fall, it’s usually plaid. I get it, though. the checkered pattern is possibly the easiest of all prints to wear—and this is coming from a girl who mostly dresses in neutrals. But I’m challenging you to step outside your normal autumnal-patterned box. Instead of investing in a pair of plaid shoes, a calf-length plaid skirt, and a plaid scarf, think of switching it up with a few animal prints, fun star or heart prints, or any print, really, that you normally wouldn’t wear. It’s a new form of bravery – one that will look good come fall!


• • •


5) Add Personality with shoes

Maybe you’re the girl who would rather wear sneakers over heels any day (um, ditto). But you’ve got to “dress” for the office. Incorporating shoes you love into your “work-attire” allow you to make the ones you love a wardrobe staple that reflects your personality and taste. My own personal affinity toward comfortable shoes shouldn’t deter you from wearing heels – you do you!

But if you do lean towards sneakers but aren’t sure how to get away with wearing them with every outfit, here’s a few tips: mix feminine and playful dresses with lace-up sneakers like my converse above and you’ll create a killer combo that doesn’t sacrifice style for practicality. It’s 2019 and comfy kicks are no longer limited to the gym or play-dates.  I come from the school of thought that any style of shoe can be worn for pretty much any occasion…aside from the obvious activity-preventing footwear choices like sandals to a kickball game.

But if being daring outside the house isn’t your thing, treat yourself to something fun to wear around the house like the furry birkenstock-esque slides above. Fun, unconventional, and cozy, you can bet that Emery, Anisten, and I will be fighting over these over the next few months!


• • •

But before you go buying all new pieces, sort through last year’s stored clothing. Once that’s done and you know where your wardrobe is lacking, it’s time to invest in pieces you love. Everything listed above is super affordable – you could buy one of each and still be under $100! And as evident by these lists, Walmart really has something for everyone.

They have a ton of premium brands and have a highly curated and editorialized online shoppable experience that features favorite fall trends for women, men and kids. They’re really coming into their own and it’s more evident than ever that they know that no matter what you buy, it’s important to make it your own. Plus, they’ve got FREE 2-day shipping and returns on orders over $35.

So visit your local Walmart or shop online (my preferred way) and find your style. Or, you can just do what I do and type in the word ‘leopard’ and buy whatever comes up! Haha

Happy shopping!

Xx Tara

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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