adidas Back to School

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I can’t even believe I have a HIGH SCHOOLER (insert lots of happy, excited, nervous tears and laughter shed over this). It still feels so surreal.. Not just a high schooler, but one that shares the same size clothing, shoes and all as me 😂 for as mixed emotions as this feels, we do have SO much fun school shopping because we can share all 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 things 👏🏼. I’ve shared adidas stuff with you before (hello, my ultraboost addiction was strong for a long time!), but we did a big haul for back to school and I’ll show you a bunch of our favorites — SAVE 30% off right now on almost everything during our Labor Day Sale with code: SCOREBIG

My Sweatshirt | My Sweatpants | My Sneakers

Gosh.. you guys know how much we love a good sweat-set around here.. This was my first time ordering this from adidas, despite how many times I’ve added it to the cart in the past (😂) I finally committed, and I am GLAD I did. The material on it isn’t your typical sweatshirt material that ends up feeling pilly on the inside after a few washes.. the quality and material is really amazing and feels like it deserves a MUCH higher price tag.. but the price is awesome PLUS get 30% off with code SCOREBIG!! The sweatshirt isn’t cropped, but the sleeves attach at a lower point on the torso than your typical armpit spot, so when you raise your arms it does lift it a little bit more than a normal sweatshirt. If you don’t want it to ride up so much I would size up one size, but I think TTS fits super cute.

To match the sweatshirts, they have sweatpants (my choice) and sweatshorts available. If we weren’t approaching cooler weather in Utah, I for sure would have grabbed the shorts! I’ll show you the color options available in everything below..

Truly, these sweatpants are DREAMY! They’re so buttery soft. I got my TTS, small, and they fit super well. The waistband is stretchy, but not squeeze you tight.

I’ve shared sweat shorts before and you guys loved them!! Knowing this material is the same as the sweatpants.. I know you’ll LOVE these too! I’m jealous if you live somewhere you can wear these year-round.

My Sweatshirt | My Joggers | My Sneakers | Em’s Sweatshirt | Em’s Joggers | Em’s Sneakers

annnnnd then we love it so much that we also have two more colors in the striped version. haha. This will for sure be a winter staple around here + Em is loving wearing the sweatshirt with the matching shorts for now. This set with the icon stripes comes in a lot less color options, it’s the magic lime (my set!), black (em’s!) and a light gray. The material is the exact same dreamy feel as the one above. I got true size in both pieces. Right now, they’re marked down PLUS get 30% off with code SCOREBIG.

Em’s Sweatshirt | Em’s Shorts | Em’s Sneakers

I actually ordered these sneakers for me and the brighter ones for Emery, but she QUICKLY snatched these out of the package 😂 We ordered 8s and they fit both emery and I perfectly.. we’re typically 8-8.5 in shoe size. I love that they’re so neutral, but still have color and texture variation and are cute.. Not many places make them in neutral colors!!

Neon Lace Sneakers | Em’s Neutral Sneakers | Neon + Green Accent Sneakers

I ordered a couple other pairs to test out as well.. I absolutely love the pair with the neon laces. The side of them is SO darn cute and although the laces are bright, the rest is neutral.. so if I wasn’t feeling super neon-ish in the winter months, I could totally swap the laces out to white! The neon laced sneakers fit true to size, and are comfy!! The second pair are also way cute.. the colors are awesome. Pinks, greens, tans, all my favorites… and they’re also super comfortable. They sell out veeeerrrrry quickly.. so if you like a pattern/style grab them quick. Most sneakers are on sale with code: SCOREBIG for 30% off!


Here’s a bunch of other things that would be awesome for that off-to-school send off! 🙂 Most items on their site are currently 30% off with code SCOREBIG, and some are marked on sale + it will stack!