Amazon Purchases January 2022

So, I left the billions of RC stuff off of here… I will do a blog post on that at some point once Braun gets to test out everything a little bit more. We’ve returned a good chunk of what he got and I don’t like to steer you in the wrong direction with things.. I did find some good buys, especially things to help with my migraines (I have a whole blog post on that HERE), and some really good cleaning stuff!! The rest of it is kinda all over the place so it was really hard to group stuff together, but I did my best to make it easy to follow.

Dish Cloths – I’ve been using these for a couple of years now! I love Geometry (code TARA15) for like cleaning up counters, wiping up spills, etc, but these are good for actually throwing soap on and scrubbing the heck out of stuff! They are great quality and will last you awhile. I like to replace them every now and then, but it’s not because I have to.

Stanley Boot – I ordered the size too big, but if you get the 24 oz it’ll be perfect for your Stanley cup. You don’t need them unless you got a metallic one IMO.

Knife Block – I love the Our Place Knives, but we needed a place to store them! This fits well in drawers.

GIR Utensils – You guys probably know by now how much I love these! Once I got the ladle I was hooked. I saw the full set was on sale and grabbed it!

Toilet Paper Holder – This holds 3 big mega rolls!

Marshmallows – the BEST cocoa marshmallows out there, you’ll fall in love with them.

Truff Hot Sauce – mmm, yup. This is on auto delivery every 6 months now. It’s hands down the best hot sauce I’ve ever had.

Pink Stuff – have you ever cleaned with this? When they call it the miracle cleaning paste, they’re for sure not wrong.

Electric Screwdriver – you guys really wanted to know about this when I showed it. I just want to mention that it’s for smaller things like electronics, watches, cameras, phones, laptops, etc

Drill Brush – okkkay, whoever invented these are genius!! haha. Cleaning sinks, tubs, grout, and all the things are so much better with these.

Rubber Gloves – These are the best not-yellow, not-obnoxious rubber gloves and they actually fit really well. I was actually pretty proud of this find! haha.

Jewelry Cleaner – I’ve used this stuff for years! It’s great for at home cleaning.

Diamond Dazzle Sticks – Also have been using this stuff for over two years now! It’s made by the same company as the jewelry cleaner.

Guess in 10 Game – Basically a game of questions, my boys think this is the best.

Pop its – This is what Jett and Dash wanted to do for class valentines! We are going to put them in little baggies with printable valentine’s on them.

Blink – I think this game is great, my kids don’t like playing with me because I’m a tad competitive and faster than them haha.

Werewolf – we actually bought this in December for our family party, so many of you still ask about it.. since I never did a December amazon post (hello xmas gifts) I thought I’d link it now!

Journals – bought these again this year for my kiddos. One for Dash + one for Jett! They’re a little different from each other.

Oculus Strap – anyone else with kiddos notice that it doesn’t fit great? This strap has been awesome keeping it in place!

Travel Wall Adapter – this is kind of a lame one, but if you plan on traveling it might just save your butt!!

Skip Ball – my boys are going to have so much fun with this when we head down to St. George and have the pool (I hope!)

Heated Neck Wrap – you just pop this bad boy in the microwave and have heat. It’s been awesome, even my kids are fighting over it.

Paw Soothe – The winter is super harsh on Pennie + Goldie’s paws. We use this almost daily and give them a treat while it sets in.

Packing Cubes – Braun really loves the nomatic brand, as you all know! He ordered their packing cubes in two sizes.

Carmex – I didn’t realize it was 12 of them, but I at least have carmex for the whole year haha.

Jack Black Lip Therapy – Braun and I both really like this. It is super moisturizing, but is also a SPF, so you won’t get a sunburn on your lips (which is freaking miserable if you didn’t know)

Ice Spoons – I shared these on instagram with you already, but I’m still loooooving them. They work so much better than typical ice rollers. They’re great for reducing puffiness, but they also provide a ton of relief when a migraine hits.

Scalp Scrubbers – these things are awesome. I really love that they’re one piece, so gross water won’t build up in them like other brands! They feel so good.

Big Packing Cubes – the larger size of the nomatic packing cubes!

Whole Head Massager – I’m not loving this, but I really want too. First impression, it hurts the top of my head. I would recommend sticking with the eye massager for less $$.

Bed Heaters – I got these for the kids for Christmas and they’re awesome. TWIN SIZE | QUEEN SIZE

Sleep Mask – I sleep with one of these every single night. I love that it puts no pressure on my eyes. This one is silk, and I prefer it!