Amazon Purchases June 2022

It was a pretty low-key month for amazon purchases, minus when alexa magically ordered some laser pointers for Jett..

Lets start with the subscribe and save faves… these things we buy every month or every other month + have on subscribe and save and save anywhere between 10-25% on them! I love it because 1, I don’t have to remember to check how much we have or to pick it up… but 2, I love saving on things I absolutely have to buy anyway (I mean, we all need toilet paper, right?!). Tap the pictures below to shop our subscribe and save stuff!

Onto the more exciting items… I’ll highlight a few and make a slider of the rest! They’re not all that thrilling 😂

Amazon Sun Hat – I’ve loved this hat! I got the gray, size large. It has awesome coverage and is lightweight.

Pickleballs – this set is pretty inexpensive!! Do you guys play?? We have LOVED it!

Pillow Inserts – seems lame, but these ones are awesome!

Adidas slides – grabbed these for the boys for the cruise.. Adidas slides are the comfiest.

Nets – I think I buy these yearly or maybe even twice a year for the boys. inexpensive, and keeps them very busy at the pond by our house.

Laser Pointers – this is what Jett ordered though Alexa, though funny now.. we did have some serious convos about lying

Drone with Glove – I really don’t know how this even works.. but my boys think it’s beyond awesome.

Magnetic Putty – this is so fun for the boys! The putty basically follows the magnet around. And unlike slime, it won’t stain.

All things TECH! Truthfully, I don’t know what a lot of it is for.. well, it’s for braun’s podcasting stuff, but I don’t know what it does 😂

Eufy Vacuum vs. Bissell Vacuum — for me, the Eufy was the winner in which was best.. but we kept both – one for each vehicle!

Anker Charger – I made Braun get his own.. mine kept getting stolen!

Anker Wall Block – Whyyyyyy we needed another one of these is beyond me.. but we have another! ha. It’s the best.

Charging Cords – for some reason these go missing more often than not in our house… These are for the new style charging blocks to the old style iPhones.

Privacy Glass – we have these on subscribe and save actually.. I can’t stand a single crack, but better than it being my whole phone!!

Tesla Key Fob + Underseat storage – because my key is basically a mini version of my car. so cute!!

TSA Locks – for travels, we always have these on our suitcases.

Here’s the rest of the stuff! 🙂