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Let’s chat Backcountry — if you search through my blog, you’ll see a ton of posts sharing all my favorite and current finds from there. They’re a huge retailer that carries the best outdoor gear, clothing + accessories for SO many occasions. My family, especially my dad, has been shopping there for YEARS. Our family thrives outside, and spend so much time seeking adventure.. so naturally I share way more outdoor or athleisure clothing and related items than not. However, I recently grabbed some day to day pieces and have other faves from there as well!! Sharing below, I’m stoked about this one piece.


My grandpa solely wore coveralls. Like.. every. single. day. Can you believe that?! He would be SO proud of this outfit, I just know it! 😂 On a real note, I think this is SO CUTE. Love all the little pocket details, the material is super cute + it fits soooo light. The zipper in the front is functional, and how you get in it.. but I love that you can choose how much coverage it gives you! it would be super easy to wear a bodysuit, or tank bra under here and leave it unzipped a little ways.

Other Jumpsuits available at Backcountry – tap any image to shop! I did want to note, a lot of them are included in Backcountry’s current promotional sale, but if it isn’t – you can use my code: TARATHUESON15 to save 15% off your first full price order (there are some exclusions). The discount code will apply to the famous hot shot onesie by free people! Sizes are limited, but you’re lucky if you can snag one at a discount!


Dunno if I’ll ever fall out of love with these Vans.. yes, I have multiple pairs. My kids all have a pair or two. They’re the most convenient and comfy slip on shoe. But, do you see the colors on these?! They aren’t white and black like your typical. They’re a creamy, jute color checkered with the black. They’re fully stocked in all sizes on Backcountry’s website!! I bet these ones will go quick. You can use my code: TARATHUESON15 to save 15% off your first full price order (there are some exclusions).


I love a good, full coverage outfit. This whole outfit (without the vans) only costs about $50 right now, and the cost per use for me will for sure be pennies after years of wearing it!! Everything is on sale.

These shorts are such high quality.. the wash is reaaaally cute + they are high waisted which we all love, right??? haha. They aren’t a skinny fit, but they aren’t baggy either. They make your butt look good without squeezing your thighs. They’re originally $79, but they’re currently on sale for $39, which is such a good deal!!

I got a couple of colors in this shirt. It fits really good! It’s a boxier fit and I’ve definitely shared it a few times before. It’s normally $19, but on sale for $14 right now and comes in four colors.


I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried SOREL shoes before, but they’re some of my favorites because I can almost guarantee you they’re going to be comfortable. Braun refuses any other boots besides theirs, and I love mine. I tried a pair of their sneakers last year – the original kinetics which they’ve redesigned (see below. SO CUTE), but these Explorer Defy Low Sneakers are super cute and I love the colors on them. The way they lace, the super low cut sides.. they thought of everything with these sneakers.


I also grabbed these Sorel sneakers and gosh, I love them. They are the Kinetic Impact Lace Shoe. The lace design caught my eye first, but it was harrrrd to pick a color!! They’re crazy comfortable and I’m in love with this Dove/Sea Salt combo.. I’ll show you the others below!

So cute, right?! It was really hard to pick what I loved the most.. they definitely have some great options. All colors except the black and white are 35% off, which makes them around $90!! These sneakers really are SO comfortable!


This is the same shirt that I grabbed in black (and I also have a ton of other colors..) recently! The length on it is really awesome, it is cropped, but not too cropped. It’s the happy medium length and it looks so cute paired with jeans too!

These shorts are super cute, the leg splits all the way up – but, trust me.. they aren’t just going to fly up and show anything. They have a built in liner and a super comfortable waistband! It holds ya in, but doesn’t squeeze to an unflattering point. They’re made by Varley, so you know the quality is amazing!

On top of all the recent things I’ve found at Backcountry.. they’re also having a killer sale with some of my favorite items on it + sooo much more!!

This sweatshirt and shorts combo is one of my favorites. This quarter zip is the one that I did a giveaway with for three of you guys! It’s my absolute favorite. It’s currently 50% off, and comes in the cutest four colors. Each color has coinciding shorts for you to choose from.. those are 60% off!


Get this look for up to 60% off! Both the bra tank and the skort is included in their sale! The Chacos aren’t on sale.. but they’re SO comfy. My dad hiked a strenuous 14 miles in just them. I brought mine + wore them often, but these are what I pack with me for every vacation. Braun too!!

I know we aren’t really ready to talk about it yet.. but fall and winter are coming. These slippers are the absolute best. They have multiple color options (just click the images above + it’ll take you to the listing!!).. brown, black, cream, gray + some cute color block options. They’re 45% off!


I have this jacket in all of the colors and prints.. It’s my favrite fall fleece. Currently 35% off!

There are sooo many other ideas on my blog, too!! Just click HERE or search backcountry in the little search bar in the top right. As a reminder – my code TARATHUESON15 will work on all first time, full price orders (some exclusions do apply)! If you need help, or have any questions, Backcountry has a team of Gearheads available 24/7!