Best No-Show Socks for Boys

Boys are amazing and I wouldn’t trade mine for the world, but man oh man, mine have been hard to shop for! I always thought my girls would be the pickiest about their outfits. But as I talk to more boy moms I’m told, more often than not, that they experience the same with their boys!

And the thing that has sent me on the biggest goose chase are no-show socks! They need them for a number of their activities and they’ve gotten to the point where they prefer them over long socks. So I asked all of you what socks your boys love the most and you guys totally showed up.

I would let them go without but we all know how those shoes smell…YIKES! So here are all the no-show socks you guys recommended:


1) CAT & JACK were hands down the most recommended. They have them for boys and girls but you guys said you love them for your boys. A few of you did mention that you size down – keep that in mind as you shop! A few of you even recommended this super low girl no-shows for loafers, etc.

• • •

2) BOMBAS were the second most recommended socks and I gotta admit – these look way comfy. Their no-shows and ankle socks were highly recommended. Some of you said that your boys liked the extra padding around their ankles!

• • •

3) VANS were a winner for both boys and adults – many of you said you wear them!

4) STANCE are a huge favorite in our house. I’ve done a few collaborations and I am so impressed with their quality. Boys seem to wear really hard on their socks and I know ours gets holes in them long before the girls. I’ve never had an issue with Stance.

5) ADIDAS are available in a lot of different styles and thicknesses. Perfect for your boys that play sports, are hard on socks, or just need to switch it up based on the shoes they wear!

• • •

These 5 aside, there were so many good recommendations! TONS of options from Amazon (a favorite of ours for everyone in the family), and lots of name-brands like Nike, Old Navy, and Under Armor. Check ’em out below!


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