Car Litter Bags for Car Litter Bugs

I don’t have many things on my Christmas list this year but it definitely includes a Car Litter Bag – and so should yours!

Born from being sick and tired of having garbage thrown around my car, these little baggies have absolutely taken the cleanliness of my car up a notch! It doesn’t matter if you’re a singleton or have a bazillion kids – Car Litter Bags keep the garbage tucked away out of sight and can add a fun design element to your ride!

Available in over 30 different prints and counting, there is a design for EVERYONE! I love the bright patterns, especially for cars with kids, while my husband prefers the black checked or faux leather option to match the interior of his car.


Each bag is designed with 3 pieces: The inner hard shell, the outer shell, and the strap. Each bag is designed slim in order to fit between seats or hang from headrests without taking up too much room. The strap is adjustable and as you see above, allows the Car Litter Bag to hang both on the front and rear of the seat. This makes it simple for the driver or backseat passenger to dispose of trash.

The other place I love to hang my bag is in the footwell of either the driver or front passenger by hanging the loop around my stick shift. For cars without, a simple damage-free hook like these are perfect!

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These bags are also seriously easy to hang. Think of the strap on your backpack back in the day – same concept. If you need step-by-step instructions you can click HERE.



After you’ve filled your Car Litter Bag with trash, and it’s time for a new liner – and this is the simplest part about this bag! Hold the bottom of the bag with one hand and the plastic insert with the other hand and pull the two apart!
Take the liner out and either empty it (if nothing was sticky or yucky) or simply tie a knot at the end of the bag and throw it away.
Open a new liner and wrap around edges of the plastic insert. To help your liner stay put, twist the back until the liner is tight and slide back into the fabric lining. You can always order more liners HERE.
Here are some of my favorite styles:


This Christmas I’m giving away 1 CLB to 15 lucky winners! So do you win?


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And for those of you who are still looking for a gift for the person who has everything, shop the full selection of Car Litter Bags HERE and use code ‘merry’ for 20% your entire order!

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    I love the functionality and aesthetic of these bags! In addition to collecting litter, they would be perfect for collecting straws and sticks that my boy loves to collect and have handy!

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