Celebrating Teachers with Amazon

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If someone had told me I was going to have to keep my house clean, do all the laundry, work, AND homeschool my kids, I might have taken a pass on 2020.

But seriously, the last few months shave given me such a MAJOR boost of appreciation for teachers nationwide. How do they do it? Teach me all your ways!

Fall is here and I know school is looking a bit different for everyone. Some kids will be staying home, some will be in classrooms on a limited schedule, and some will be trading days. One thing I do know is that our teachers need all the support they can get. And that’s why I’ve partnered with Amazon to recognize and give back to teachers nation-wide!

Clear The List

#ClearTheList is a social movement that encourages customers to give back to teachers by donating items from their Amazon Wish Lists. It’s simple and all items are shipped directly to the teachers!

I’ve participated in this initiative for the past few years and I have loved helping teachers get the resources they need to teach our children. They definitely aren’t paid their worth and the money for most supplies comes out of their own pocket.

You can link teacher’s wishlists in your Instagram stories or share to your other social media platforms so your followers can swipe up and help clear these lists! If you’re a teacher and want to create your own Amazon Wish List, you can get started at Amazon.com/WishList.

ONce you’ve created your list, simply make it public and then click ‘Send list to others’. That will give you a shareable link that you can give to others to get the word out about your list! And check for the hashtag #ClearTheList for places to submit your link!

If you’re not a teacher and/or you don’t know a teacher in need, there are also other ways you can give back!

AmazonSmile Charity Lists

Amazon has made it super simple for you to help out in a lot of different ways. You can also give back by donating to your favorite education-related charity through AmazonSmile Charity Lists. AmazonSmile Charity Lists give non-profits an easy way to create lists while providing a convenient way for customers to donate needed items directly to the charity of their choice with the reassurance that the list is managed by the charity.

You can shop thousands of Charity Lists or simply search for an education-specific charity – by visiting smile.amazon.com/charitylists.

Shop With AmazonSmile

And if you’re just looking for a simple way to give back, you can shop at smile.amazon.com. You have access to all the same Amazon offerings you know and love, with the added bonus that AmazonSmile will donate a portion of the purchase price of eligible items to the charity you choose. You can select from over a million charities, including more than 150,000 eligible education-related charities like schools and PTA’s.

Simply start your school shopping at Smile.Amazon.com/ReadyforSchool. This is a super convenient one-stop-shop for everything your kids might need this year – no matter where they’re learning.

Donations with Alexa

Or, if you’re like me, you can simply tell Alexa to make a monetary donation to the charity of your choice! Simply say, “Alexa, I want to make a donation” to get started.

• • • •

It’s easier than ever to help teachers out this year and I hope you participate in #ClearTheList. If you’re a teacher or know a teacher, leave the link to your list in a comment on my Instagram Post – you never know who you might help out!

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