Easter Basket Gift Guide for Girls

Think.. little girls. Not toddlers, not teens – but everywhere in between! 🙂

  1. Camera – This is an awesome first step before moving to a polaroid when they’re a bit older.. It takes clear, color pictures and you can download them onto a computer and print them out!
  2. Floor Puzzle This one is really awesome, it’s a normal floor puzzle + then you can do seek and find with it! There’s also this really fun alphabet one too.
  3. Goosebumps Blankets – We ALL have these and travel everywhere with them. They’re awesome. I would say get the junior adult size for this age group! Code: TARA will save you 15%
  4. Makeup Palette – a real makeup palette!! She will be looking cute for after family dinner pictures! haha.
  5. Lip Smackers – is any holiday complete without these guys??
  6. Sunglasses – we are heading straight into spring and summer.. chances are good they’ll lose a pair or two or at least scratch them.. these ones are a cute 3 pack! Lots of color options are available.
  7. Swimsuit – cotton on has the CUTEST girl’s swim this year.. I shared it a bunch on my page already. I’m wishing my girls were small enough hah!
  8. Swim Coverup – this one from Target is adorable! It would be way cute paired with this target swimsuit if you want to shop in one place!
  9. Soaker Balls – These will be so fun for a pool or lake day, or just outside play!
  10. Kite – These are so much fun for kiddos, and only $5!
  11. Hula Hoop – okay honestly, how many of you can still hula hoop? you should get two and do it with your kid! haha.
  12. Magic Sand – This was what I brought my girls home from “Hawaii” for a souvenir… Magic Sand! It’s pretty cool. You can make underwater sandcastles.
  13. Gabb Watch – These watches are awesome.. there’s a little animal on them and chore lists to incentivize them to do their stuff, but it also has so many parental features including GPS.. super handy.. the boys both have them! You can use Code: TARA
  14. Easter Set – This Easter set is SO dang cute!!
  15. Stanley IceFlow – My kids all use the 20oz! They’re the best and don’t leak.
  16. Kadu blocks – my kids have all sizes, they’re absolutely obsessed.. we all are. We make nesting boxes as big as we can. Code: TARA will save you 15%!
  17. Slides – These are just like birks, but a fraction of the cost… while we LOVE Birkenstocks, sometimes for littles it’s not the best option!
  18. Chalk – Chalk but make it CUTE!
  19. PicassoTiles – we LOVE these.. they keep my kids quiet for a long time, and when any friends come over they always grab these out. These are cute and girly!
  20. Paint by Sticker – I saw these last year for the first time. They’re so neat. Instead of painting, you have to match the shapes of the stickers!
  21. Pop it Purse – Every little girl loves a good purse to stick their fave stuff in.. now a pop it version?! so cute.. also.. WASHABLE!
  22. Waterslide – How fun would this be this summer!?!? It does three people side by side!
  23. Writing Tablet – they can write, draw and erase a million times. These are awesome for the car.
  24. Giant Slinky – a giant rainbow slinky.. these are way fun, especially if you have stairs.
  25. Rain Jacket – Spring is coming, so is the rain that goes with it! Perfect time to grab things you’ll have to anyway.
  26. Paint your own Garden Stone – These are super cute and if you did them yearly it would be so fun to see the transformation.. they would also be cute to re-gift once completed!
  27. Butterfly Starter Kit – this kit is awesome! It comes with a coupon to redeem for caterpillars so you can grow butterflies on your own at home. A fun science lesson!!
  28. Two Band Slides – These were a hit last year from Cotton On.. the rose gold color is so cute.
  29. Crocs – all my kids wear these.. and try to get away with it year round, too!