Emery’s Beauty Favorites

“What age is the right age for girls to start wearing makeup?” is a totally loaded question. There is no right answer and mostly, I feel it’s personal. Some girls start early due to acne, while others never really get into it. I feel like I’ve found a good balance with Emery and we’re slowly easing her in. Nothing that covers up her skin or feels too “makeup-y” and definitely no foundation or other makeup that would age her.

She’s 13. We want her looking fresh, with the natural skin I birthed her with, but with a little glow. Her makeup favorites, along with some of her all-time favorite beauty items are listed below!


1) NATIVE DEODORANT: We switched last year to this natural deodorant and both of my girls are fans! They prefer the fruitier scents.

2) TULA FACIAL CLEANSER: Just like me, Emery has been using this to wash her face. She’s at the age where she needs to take care of her skin! Use code TARATHUESON for 15% off your entire purchase!

3) NEUTROGENA FACIAL WIPES: Emery keeps a handful of these individually wrapped makeup removers in her bag at all times. They’re great for sleepovers, after sweaty hikes, and anytime she needs to wipe her face!

4) FLAMINGO WAX STRIPS: You may have seen Braun helping Emery with these a few weeks back on my Instagram stories! So funny! We love these for our armpits.


• • •

5) BILLIE RAZOR: For things like legs, we’ve got everyone hooked on Billie. I got each of the girls one and they keep them hung up in their shower.

6) MOROCCAN OIL: Remember when I said that Emery is no longer shampooing her hair? Well, this oil is helping her keep all that wonderful curl she’s been working on! You can check out her entire Curly Hair Routine HERE.

7) TUBBY TODD LOTION: Emery uses this stuff daily. It’s natural, fragrance-free, and keeps her skin super soft. Use code TT15 for 15% off your entire order!

8) VERB CURL CREAM: This is the curl cream that made curls that looked so incredibly bouncy and touchable that we chased down a woman in a mall so you don’t have to!

9) BILLIE MAKEUP WIPES: These textured wipes are packed full of vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Emery uses these every night to remove her makeup!

10) RAEL ACNE PATCHES: I’ve trained my younglings well and they know to pop one of these patches on any time a pesky zit threatens to surface and ruin their day!

Emery’s Makeup Favorites

Emery is only 13 years old. This means that she isn’t wearing a ton of makeup. The majority of cosmetics she is using are natural and you’ll notice that this list is missing things like foundation and bronzer. Most of this makeup is also translucent, so you can actually see her face, I would say the biggest thing we’ve got on here is mascara and even that is worn sparingly.

1) THRIVE MASCARA: We’ve tried a bunch of mascaras in our house and Emery loves Thrive.

2) GLOSSIER CLOUD PAINTS:  These are super lightweight and translucent that blend amazingly to give a natural, flushed-from-within glow. Emery loves the shades Puff and Haze.

3) PIXI CLEAR EYEBROW GEL: I love a good brow gel. Even without any other makeup, grooming your brows and using a clear gel just helps you look a little more polished and put together.


• • •

4) TWEEZERMAN EYELASH CURLER: My biggest fear is that one of my girls will walk in one day with all of her eyelashes missing from a wonky eyelash curler! But this one is awesome and gets top marks.

5) GLOSSIER YOU: As far as perfumes go, this one is the least annoying and smelly. It’s perfect for a teen and I even love it. It’s the type of scent that adapts to the body and smells a bit different on everyone. And it’s one of my favorites!

6) GLOSSIER LIP GLOSS: Emery loves this in the shade red. It’s made with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil and is high shine without the stickiness.

7) WELEDA SKIN FOOD: This is a great moisturizer for the face. Emery puts this on at night after she’s washed her face.

We hope you love these as much as Emery does!

Xx Tara

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