Can you tell spring break is coming with all of the things I’ve recently received?? If you don’t remember.. last year I went to Mexico with my friend to Le Blanc (the best adult only all inclusive there IMO).. well, we sat by the pool with our neck fans on + absolutely roasted our entire bodies because we didn’t realize how hot it actually was.

Que my Free People visor, thank gosh.. my face was completely safe. Like, my WHOLE face… when I tell you these visors are full coverage I really mean it. When you’re holding it up, it’s way to easy to think they’re going to look weird being so big but they don’t, and, for me, it was 100% worth it.. my whole body was lobster red.. and my face was perfectly normal.

They recently restocked a bunch of their colors.. here is the color block and here are the solid colors.. so cute!