Halloween Costume Guide

When it comes to Halloween, sometimes I wish we could just run away. But try convincing 4 kids from ages  4 to 12 that they should skip the one day of the year where they will get more candy given to them for free than the rest of the year combined!

Emery, at 12, is at the age where this might be her last year going door-to-door. Whereas, Jett is just newly 4 and is really getting into it. So, there is no chance any of my kids are skipping. Which means I had to hunt down costumes. But luckily for you, I found some real winners in my search! I tend to skip scary options (sorry, you’ll have to go elsewhere) but I’ve got you covered for silly, cute, and downright adorable! Whether your kids want to dress up as the characters from their favorite movie, TV show, or book, or do something that stands on its own, I’ve got options.

And because Halloween is right around the corner, all of these options allow you to hit “buy” at an online store. I have everything you’ll need to find the perfect girls’ costumes and boys’ costumes for your little monsters. And your little dog, too!

Career Costumes

It’s rare these days that kids don’t want to be a superhero or something just as extraordinary, but I love a classic. Check out these simple “When I grow up” costumes!

• • •

Superhero Costumes

Fair warning: if you buy these for your kids, they will be wearing them for the next 6-12 months. But they’re pretty adorable…until you are forced to take family pictures with Spiderman…

• • •

Star Wars

Of course, Star Wars is in here! Even though I haven’t seen the movies, these are classic and at least one kid in the family is obsessed.

• • •

NOvelty Costumes

For the kid who doesn’t want to be a princess or a superhero and marches to the beat of their own drum! Besides, I love a good banana costume!

• • •

Family Costumes

Having done the group costume thing a few years in a row, I’m a big fan! I put together 10 of my favorite group costume sets and the best part is you can shop them as a whole or individually! These are great for families and friend groups!

• • •

PEt Costumes

And because it just makes sense to walk the dogs while you’re taking your little ones trick-or-treating, you might as well dress them up too!

• • •

It’s a little bit of everything, like I promised, but you can always edit! Make sure you click through the group links because they have more than are in the pictures. Or, you could just do you and your partner! And if there’s something you’re looking for, let me know! I’ve seen it all at this point! Haha


Xx Tara

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