Halloween Print Pajamas

I guess I could have done a poll and asked which of you plan to celebrate Halloween this year by letting your kids go door-to-door, but the optimistic side of me is assuming we’re all going to pick up as normal, slap on our masks, and uphold tradition.

I realize this won’t be possible in every city/neighborhood, but if you’re in a district where school is in session, chances are that Halloween will happen like normal!

And if your kids are like mine, they want to wear their costume all month AND they always freeze. So this year I’m hitting 2 birds with 1 stone and grabbing my kids pajamas that look like Halloween costumes! They can dress up as their favorite superhero, stay warm all night long (for however long they last), and then we can dump them straight into bed! This is seriously genius and I’m wondering why I’ve never done this before!

So if you’d like to follow my lead, check out these sites (AND SALES) and find costumes for your little ones, or dress up the whole family!

Hanna Andersson – Up to 50% OFF!

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COTTONON – Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF

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CARTERS – 30% OFF with code VIP

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OLD NAVY – 30% OFF Taken at Checkout

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