Holiday Gift Guide for the Boys – 2022

  1. Gabb Watch – I love these for my boys. Perfect for a kid who isn’t quite old (or responsible) enough for a phone. My code TARA gets you a free watch when you sign up for a 2 year plan!
  2. Why? Book – Do the “Why?” questions ever stop? 😂 If not, this book may be able to do the trick.
  3. Table Topics – It’s so fun to listen to my boys, especially as they get older. The topics are so fun around the dinner table or with friends!
  4. Pindaloo – A fun game that almost anyone can play. It takes a lot of concentration.
  5. Blue Light Blockers – Schools are soooo focused on working on computers now.. eye health is so important!
  6. Clip On Speaker – This is perfect to clip on backpacks for the boys to play their fart songs loud. 🥴
  7. Galaxy Light – Both of my boys sleep with this on in their rooms. It displays on the wall which is cool.
  8. Aqua Dragons – No live pets but you can feed it and it grows in two days. Kind of cool and not a whole lot of work on your end!
  9. Color Changing Lights – These LED lights are so easy to put up. A fun decoration for their room.
  10. Stanley Ice Flow – These are so great for school, sports, and travel. The handle makes them super easy to carry. TARA20 works for 20% off all drinkware except the Quenchers.
  11. Helmet – The amount of times I have to yell at my kids to put a dang helmet on is ridiculous, but SO DARN IMPORTANT. The look of these ones is a lot cooler then some others on the market.
  12. Electric Scooter – My boys love to ride these around the neighborhood! I love to ride them too!
  13. Inflatable Tumble Track – We are seriously into parkour over here and this track has been awesome for them to practice their tricks on. Can be used inside and outside.
  14. Gaming Headphones – These are a lifesaver for my sanity on roadtrips. Under $30 too!
  15. Kadu Building Tiles – These provide endless hours of building fun. Code TARA saves 15%.
  16. Magnetic Tiles – The same goes for these tiles! Hours of fun. You can typically find them on sale through Amazon!
  17. Vans – Everyone in our family has multiple pair of these slip ons. I swear they go with everything and are so easy to throw on and go.
  18. Bike Lights – With it getting so dark so early I love these lights that go on bike tires. Drivers can see kids so much better with these on!
  19. Kiwi Co Subscription – This is the best gift to ask family for.. it comes monthly! It’s based on STEM methodology and it’s so fun watching/helping with projects. The link saves you 30%!
  20. Hover Soccer Ball – The perfect game for the colder months!
  21. Dog Man Book Series – Dash loves these books. Boy humor written allllll over it.
  22. Comfy Pajamas – I swear my boys grow one size a week, so I can never go wrong with buying them clothes. These pajamas are super comfy, we love these ones!
  23. Roller Blades – These are fun to have around if you have a little boy who can’t sit still!
  24. Gold Chain – I don’t understand the rage for these, but the boys love to wear them.
  25. Nintendo Switch – this has been a fun purchase for the boys, it’s spendy but they love it and we all have fun with it!! We have loved these cases!
  26. Oculus VR – The whole family loves to play with this!
  27. Stacking Cups – Another great game, Dash has gotten pretty fast at it recently!
  28. Bloom + Bliss Affirmation Cards – I’ve shared these before and LOVE them. It’s so good for kids to practice positive affirmation and these cards make it so easy and are the perfect reminders. Code TARA will save you 20%!
  29. Shape Shifting Box – A great stocking stuffer!
  30. Speks Geode – Fidget toys are a big hit around here and this one is no exception!
  31. Beddy’s – The perfect bedding, there is no excuse to leave the bed unmade! Also, the greatest invention for bunk beds! Code TARA saves you 20%!
  32. Ramp – My boys love this ramp. Great for bikes, scooters, and roller blades!