Holiday Gift Guide for the Homebody – 2022

I love to travel, but there is something about coming home to your own house with your own stuff… magical.

  1. Tommy John Sleepwear – The softest, comfiest pajamas EVER. It’s all Braun and I wear. They have different styles depending on preferences. Code TARA30 will save you 30%.
  2. Eye Massager – You guys sold this out years ago, it’s seriously the best thing ever. I love it when I have migraines.
  3. Barefoot Dreams Blanket – I know they are pricey, but they are so, so incredibly soft and dreamy.
  4. Room Spray – If you know me, I’m all about everything smelling good in my house and car. I use this one all the time, love that it’s made with essential oils and not all the harmful fragrances.
  5. Glasses – I wear blue light glasses a lot and these one are my go to!
  6. Ugg Slippers – They look kind of weird and not like they would keep your feet warm, but they totally do. Perfect house shoes.
  7. Clip on Book Light – If you run into the problem of wanting to stay up later than your spouse to read, but they want the lights off this is an awesome option!
  8. Stanley Quencher – You can’t go wrong with this cup…. ever. If you know someone who doesn’t have it, then this is the gift for them. TARA20 works for 20% off all drinkware except the Quenchers.
  9. Kindle – I’m all about making life easier and my Kindle does that. It’s better than reading on an phone or tablet because their isn’t a glare. If you are wanting to spend a bit less this one is great too!
  10. Apple TV – We don’t have cable at our house anymore, so we use Apple TVs instead and have loved them. Super easy to set up and use…. Finding the remotes, that’s a different story.
  11. Heating Pad – I don’t care who you are, if someone in your life is always cold this will change their life.
  12. Bath Bombs – These are some of my favorite bath bombs. Literally called chill pills because it’s so calming.
  13. iRobot Vacuum – Life changing is all I have to say. With how busy everyone is, it’s so nice to not have to worry about one more thing.
  14. Exfoliating Scrub – This scrub is so good! Leaves skin so, so soft!
  15. Neck Massager – If you carry stress in your shoulder this helps a tonnnn. It’s heated and rolls out all the knots and tension.
  16. Candle Warmer – This is genius! If you know someone who forgets to blow out candles this is for them. It warms your candles so they still smell without a big fire hazard.
  17. Fuzzy Socks – An essential for the homebody. These ones are really awesome quality.
  18. Silk Pillow Case & Sleep Mask – There are so many benefits to sleeping with a silk pillowcase. Less hair damage, prevents wrinkles, and is good for your skin! Use Code TARA for 25% off.
  19. Digital Picture Frame – It’s so hard to pick just ONE picture to put in a frame. Why not choose all of them with a digital frame. Super easy to upload pictures and have a slideshow.
  20. Echo Show – Besides the boys asking Alexa to play fart songs, I love having this in my kitchen! I can manage all of the Amazon devices from this which is awesome.
  21. Faux Succulent Plant – A low maintenance plant is the best kind of plant. It looks super real and I don’t have to worry about over watering. The planter is comes in is so cute too.
  22. Weleda – This is some of the best lotion I have ever used. They call it “skin food” for a reason!
  23. Kitsch Hair Towel – I have used these for years and you will continue to see them on almost every gift guide I put out. Way less bulky than a towel on top of your head, plus it’s microfiber so it helps prevent frizz and hair damage. Use Code TARA for 25% off.
  24. AirPods – I am an Apple fan, AirPod Pros are no exception. I’ve owned a lot of them thanks to a certain dog chewing one or both of them up… PENNIE!
  25. Bath Tub Caddy – Having this set up for a nice long hot bath is the ultimate relaxation station.
  26. Quartz Lamp – I love that this gives off a soft glow and isn’t such a harsh light.
  27. Moji – I swore to myself that I would never be the house that smells like dogs (and now cats), these are my saving grace. Code TARA saves 10%.
  28. Red Aspen Nails – Nobody has time to go to the nail salon anymore, a 2 week manicure for under $20 is the way to go. I love that I can change mine whenever I please.
  29. Pillow – Everyone could use a new pillow. This is the one that I love and use.
  30. Fuzzy Socks – I swear my feet are always cold when walking around the house, fuzzy socks are a must. If you have a homebody in your life, these are so warm.
  31. Goosebumps Blanket – A Thueson staple. Every person in our family has one (or multiple) of these. They are adult swaddles and the best things ever. They fold up great and are perfect for traveling… or staying home ;). Code TARA saves 15%.