Holiday Gift Guide for the Dogs – 2022

I love my dogs, despise how mischievous they (Pennie) may be. Here are some of my favorite dog buys.

  1. Collar – Pennie and Goldie have used these for years.. we’ve only had to replace one time because Pennie chewed it apart (along with my AirPods… ya know.)
  2. Paw Soother – Helps so much with those crusty paws. Once they are nice and moisturized put on some Musher’s Paw wax to help protect their paws!
  3. Dog Bed – So plush and soft.. if only my dogs would sleep on them and not in my bed. This feels like a cloud.
  4. Poop Bags + Dispenser – It’s definitely not glamorous, but at least the color is cute!
  5. Collapsible Bowl – Great for water or food if your on the go! It has a suction cup bottom which is so nice!
  6. Dog DNA Test Kit – As if DNA testing for yourself wasn’t cool enough, we can test our dogs too! This test will tell you any genetic health issues they may have AND you can find canine relatives!
  7. Henry Spray – This stuff is amazing. Spray on the dogs and they will smell soooo good. We use it all the time! Code: TARA will save you 20%!
  8. Brush – Love this brush, super sturdy and great for Goldie and Pennie’s curly hair. Even though our dogs aren’t supposed. to shed, they still do a little bit and the deshedding undercoat brush is amazing, too!
  9. Comb – This is the best comb when it comes to getting matted hair out. Golden doodle hair is so high maintenance when it comes to matts and this is best comb I’ve found to keep it nice!
  10. Carrier – The dogs won’t fit in this, but I love Wild One products and this would be perfect if I ever needed to take the cats anywhere! Airline compliant too!
  11. Hide a Squirrel – This toy will keep them entertained for HOURS. It’s hilarious to watch them try and get the squirrels!
  12. Air Tag – We attach these to the dogs whenever we travel with them, just in case they get lost. This collar attachment is great because it slides onto the collar instead of hanging from it!
  13. Leash – Similar to the collar, we’ve had this one for years, but Pennie hasn’t chewed this one up.. yet.
  14. Portable waterer – We love this! Super easy on the go for walks, road trips, you name it.
  15. Bully Sticks – Goldie and Pennie’s favorite treat!
  16. Dog Treat Maker – My girls love making treats for Pennie and Goldie, this makes it’s easy to portion out the treats better.
  17. Dog Treat Puzzle Toy – If your dogs swallow treats whole before you can even blink, this toy is great, helps keep them busy while also getting their treats.
  18. Treats – Speaking of treats… they love these ones too!
  19. Rope Toy – A simple toy that (hopefully) won’t shred into a million pieces.. So far so good at our house!
  20. Eye Wipes – Do your dogs get eye crustys like mine? These are great at getting rid of them! Just wipe them out and their good to go, helps with irritation too.
  21. Toothpaste and Toothbrush – Let’s be real, dog breath is the WORST. We use this for Goldie and Pennie and it works wonders.
  22. Stuffed Animals – Goldie loves to carry these stuffed animals around! Comes in a pack of 12 for less than $24, so if they do get chewed up (with a dog like Pennie) you’re not too worried!
  23. Harness – First off, how cute is this one?! Super durable, we love using them when we are in new places!
  24. Wireless Pet Gate – I could not recommend the wireless pet gate enough! Besides the fact that we have to carry the dogs over the yard to go on walks (we left the gate on one time.. WHOOPS!) It has been one of the best purchases we have made for them!
  25. Qalo Tag – We’ve had these on both of the dogs for years! You can customize them and even add a QR code to contact you. They are so durable and have way cute designs.
  26. Furbo Camera – I’ve always been curious as to what the dogs do all day, with this camera you can know! Added bonus that you can talk to them through it and give them treats! Pennie would stand by it all day if we let her.
  27. Shampoo & Conditioner – Helps so much with itching and smells so great! We’ve been through a couple and like this one the best.
  28. Lick Pads – We give these to Pennie and Goldie when we need them in one place for a bit, slap some PB on there and you’re good to go! It works great when we need to brush their hair and trim their nails. These ones are cuter colors if your dogs care ;).