Gift Guide for the Cooks – 2022

  1. Mini Dash Waffle Maker – I’ve shared this for a few years now. It’s awesome for waffles and you can fry and egg in there too! If you want something a bit bigger, they have one that cooks 4 waffles at a time.
  2. Measuring Ladle – This is a 3/4 cup ladle. Perfect if you need to measure out a bunch for things like canning.
  3. Butter Crock – Keeps your butter fresh for so long. Butter goes into the “lid” part and then water into the cup. It creates some magic in there to keep it fresh! It looks good too so you can leave it out on the counter.
  4. Ninja Foodi – The ultimate all in one appliance. It can air fry, sauté, pressure cook, dehydrate, and more. I’ve tried a lot of similar products and I always come back to the Ninja.
  5. Gold Chip Clips – The plastics ones always break, time to pull out the big guns with these stainless steel ones!
  6. Geometry Towels – I have these all over my house because they are the most absorbent towels ever! Not to mention they have the cutest designs all year round! Code TARA saves 15%.
  7. Can Opener – I know what it looks like… but trust me! I was so sick of my manual can openers breaking and this one has been magic.
  8. Chopper – I’ve shared this for a so long, it’s one of my favorite kitchen gadgets ever. Saves so much time!
  9. Kitchen Gloves – If you hate touching raw meat these are for you. haha They come up pretty high on your arm so there are so many other uses for them.
  10. Silicone Oven Mitts – Time to throw out those 10 year old fabric oven mitts. These are so easy to clean and will last a long time!
  11. Kitchen Towel Clips – How many times has your towel that’s usually hanging on the oven handle been left on the ground? If it’s too many times to count, then these will be your best friend! Keep the towel clipped right where you want it.
  12. Recycled Cutting Board – This is made from recycled kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane. Great color options and environmentally friendly!
  13. Material Knife Block – It definitely doesn’t look like a knife block, but it has a hidden magnet inside to hold them, it can also hold utensils. Added bonus… it is beautiful!
  14. Can Strainers – Whoever invented these was a GENIUS. Pop them over your can and drain the liquid out.
  15. Crockpot – Okay, how cute is this all white crockpot? Such a good gift for newlyweds or kids who have moved out on their own.
  16. Pot Holders – These have fabric on one side and then silicone on the other! GENIUS. I love this color too.
  17. Silcone Utensils – Silicone has changed the game of cooking materials. The scraper, flip spatula, and spoonula will keep your non-stick pots and pans (I’m looking at you perfect pot and always pan) scratch free.
  18. Perfect Pot – I cannot say enough good things about Our Place pots and pans. I use them every single day. They are non stick and have a place for a wooden spoon that comes with it.
  19. Always Pan – Again, amazing quality and visually stunning. I don’t even mind if they are out on my oven because they are so cute. This pan can do so many things, sauté, fry, sear. It’s also non-stick and has spot for the wooden spoon.
  20. Mix n Chop – Say goodbye to big hunks of ground beef and hello to nice broken up pieces! This is awesome for quickly getting meat broken apart while cooking.
  1. Silicone Utensil Set – Again, SILICONE IS THE WAY TO GO. This set is by the same brand as #17 listed above.
  2. Crepe Maker – You know when Braun pulls this puppy out we are going to be having crepes for the next 3 meals. 😂 If you know someone who loves crepes, this gift is the way to go. Only $29.99.
  3. Bear Paw Meat Shredders – These are so great for smoked meats, shreds the meat in a breeze.
  4. Our Place Ovenware – How cute is the checkered pan?! This whole set fits together so it can be stowed away nicely. I love the oven pan because it can be used for so many things, including as a griddle.
  5. Dish Rags – The amount of kitchen towels my family goes through in a day is astounding. A bulk pack is always nice to have.
  6. Kitchen Aid Slider Mat – A stand mixer is HEAVY. This helps to be able to maneuver it around the counter top easily.
  7. Kitchen Aid Mixer – The gift that keeps on giving. These will last forever and the green color by Magnolia is sooo good. Here is link to other colors!
  8. Magnetic Measuring Spoons – The clutter that measuring spoons cause is so frustrating. These magnet on top of each other, so no more cluttered drawer.
  9. Knife Set – Most people’s knives are probably dull. The set of three is perfect for basic cooking needs. I use them all the time!
  10. Walnut Cutting Board – It’s so pretty! It has a trench to catch all the juices while cutting, and can be used as a charcuterie/ serving board.
  11. Food Scale & Bowl – This is great for baking and those recipes that need the exact measurements. The bowl is removable which is an added bonus.
  12. Clear Bins – The perfect gift for the avid organizer. Clear bins are the way to go, especially for kitchen organization. I linked a few more I love. | Tiered Shelf | Long Skinny Bins | Expandable Spice Rack Organizer |
  13. Rice Paddles – I use this for so many things! Scooping, scraping, as a spatula… Way better than the ones that come with the Instant Pot.
  14. Clear Bag Organizer – I feel like this saves so much space because you don’t have to deal with the bags being in big bulky boxes.
  15. Glass Spice Canisters – Switching over to having all the same bottle for seasonings has been so nice, I love the how organized it makes my drawer. These ones come with labels too.
  16. Ninja Air Fryer – It’s not just an air fryer, is does about a million other things. It grills, broils, toasts, you name it. I have had a lot of air fryers and this is at the top my list as one of my faves. I use it almost every day.
  17. Olive Oil Bottle – We use olive to cook a lot of things. Why not have it in a pretty glass bottle?
  18. Knife Block for Drawers – This block fits into a drawer to keep those knives out of sight.
  19. Cook Book Holder – I swear cookbooks never stay open, this helps your book to stay on the right page while your cooking.