Holiday Gift Guide for the Teen Boy – 2022

A new gift guide this year! Are teen boys as easily amused by gifts as little boys are? I guess I’ll find out in a few years. Here are a few ideas for the teen boy in your life.

  1. Playstation – You’d definitely win parent of the year for this one. It’s on the pricier side, but aren’t all gaming systems? Haha
  2. Fishing Net – Remember how my boys like to catch crawdads in the pond by our house with their bare hands? Yeah this net would come in reallllll handy for that.
  3. Backpack – This thing can hold sooo much stuff. They call it the “black hole” backpack for a reason. Braun loves it!
  4. Goosebumps Blanket – Another item that will always put on my gift guides. The best blanket. It’s pretty much an adult swaddle and our entire family loves them. Code TARA saves 15%.
  5. Carhart Beanie – These are universal, anyone can where them from babies to grandparents. Super warm and and an easy gift!
  6. Golf Practice Net – My boys love golf and I hope they will continue to love it! This is perfect for when you can’t hit the course but still want to practice.
  7. How to Win Friends & Influence People – Braun told Emery (and all of our kids) that they have to read this in order to get their driver’s license. Let’s just say Em did a lot of reading on our trip to Hawaii! It really is such a great book for everyone to read.
  8. Mophie– If you have a driver this is so cool! It can jump start your car without needing another car to do so. Gives me piece of mind for sure.
  9. Nike Blazers – These shoes are all the rage right now.
  10. Clip On Speaker – Super loud and easy to take on the go!
  11. Spike Ball – This is such a fun game for the whole family! Great concentration and a bit of exercise too.
  12. Thread Wallet – I’ve seen so many of Emery and Anisten’s friends with these. Super handy, cute designs, and affordable.
  13. Mighty Patch – Acne is the worst at all ages, but it seems like the end of the world as a teen. These are great at clearing up pimples quickly. Perfect stocking stuffer!
  14. Belt Bag – This is more “manly” then some of the others on the market, I’ve seen a lot of guys with it.
  15. Hookey – Better then darts putting holes in your wall…. Same concept as darts though!
  16. Hammock – Can I get this for myself? haha Great quality at a great price.
  17. Grooming Kit – Hygiene is important and this whole set is awesome.
  18. Pickleball Set – We love pickleball. Great exercise and fun to play with family and friends. This set comes with two paddles and 4 balls.
  19. Nike Socks – A wardrobe staple.
  20. Nintendo Switch – For your gamer, it’s pricey but we all play it and love it!
  21. Troomi Phone – This phone is amazing. You can set controls on it to be higher or lower based on your preferences. The girls have had these and it was the best starter phone. Code TARA saves $50 on all devices!
  22. Stanley Ice Flow – Perfect for school, sports, and travel. The lid is the best because it doesn’t spill and has a handle! TARA20 works for 20% off all drinkware except the Quenchers.
  23. Crocs – They may not be the cutest shoe, but they sure are comfy and practical!
  24. Gaming Headphones – These ones are under $30 and have great reviews! Do yourself a favor so you don’t have to hear the game noises.
  25. 10 Foot Charging Cord – These go missing every other day at our house… Put their name on it and tell them they are responsible for keeping track of it 😂.
  26. CrossNet – Foursquare mixed with volleyball. This is such a fun outdoor game.
  27. Andar Portable Charger – I have this on probably every gift guide, it’s that good! Perfect for anyone in your life.
  28. Nike Duffle – A nice duffle bag that will hold up for the gym, sports activities, or traveling.
  29. Doorframe Hoop – Slides on and off the door super easy. It should keep your teen entertained for a while. Fun to play alone or with friends!