Holiday Gift Guide for the Baby – 2022

  1. Portable high chair – This is perfect for traveling. Folds up so well for those times you can’t take a huge high chair with you.
  2. Tubby Todd – The best stuff. All natural ingredients and so, so great for that new baby skin! The link will save 15%!
  3. Tricycle – Super low to the ground so they can get on and off by themselves! Great for indoor and outdoor play.
  4. Goosebumps Knotted Sack – Not only are these super cute, but incredibly soft. Perfect for newborn pictures or to gift. Code TARA will save you!
  5. Beanie – Is there anything cuter then a baby in all their winter clothes?
  6. Ball Pit – Hear me out, I know you don’t want a million balls all over the house, but this would be so fun for kids!
  7. Stacking Cups – Love the colors of these!
  8. Giraffe Teether – Such a cute teether and a 5 star rating with over 20,000 reviews. The fawn teether by the same company is adorable as well.
  9. Pajamas – An essential. All of these are solid prints with tons of colors. Thick set | Thin Set | Ruffle Neck Set | Zip up Onesie
  10. Teether – Great developmental toy for the little ones and it’s easy to grab for them!
  11. Crinkle book – Tummy time just got a whole lot easier with this guy. A two for one, a book and pictures for tummy time!
  12. Soft Books – The Very Hungry Caterpillar made into a counting soft book and it has a teether connecting to it, this one has a lot of sensory attachments, and this one is a peek-a-boo one!
  13. Teether/ Hand Pacifier – Advertised as a “never drop” teething toy. This has the perfect handle for babies to grip to they can chew or suck on it.
  14. Fur Booties – I swear baby’s feet can get so cold. These fur booties are perfect for those winter nights out and about. All the ones that are linked are short boots because heaven knows there is no way to get tall boots onto babies and toddlers! Grey Soft Bottom Booties | Tan Sherpa Booties (these ones are soooo cute) | Sherpa Lined Knit Booties
  15. Hatch Sound Machine & Nightlight – The boys still have these in their room, it does ALL THE THINGS. Night lights, sound machine, alarm, sleep training, the list goes on. I love that it connects to my phone to control it.
  16. Winter Bunting – I don’t know if there is anything cuter than a puffball winter baby! Here are some cute options… Columbia Teddy Bear Bunting | Heavy Weight Puffer | Black Footless Sherpa
  17. Jolly Jumper – Have you seen the videos of baby’s going wild with excitement when they jump in these? I cannot contain my smile when I watch them. With the Jolly Jumper, you can by the frame that comes with it or the doorway attachment.
  18. Activity De – These were a saving grace when my kids were young. So many things to play with in one area. Perfect if baby is able to stand assisted or is walking!
  19. Car Monitor – The amount of times I stressed that my kids were not breathing when they fell asleep in the car is unmeasurable. This camera hooks to your car seat and and their is a bluetooth monitor that you set on your dashboard. GENIUS.
  20. Pop It Book – This book has little fidget pop its in it.
  21. Playpen – If you have a wild child who you are always trying to keep from crawling/ walking and everywhere and getting into everything, this may be the gift for you! This one comes with the balls which is nice, but take them out and put whatever your baby loves in there and you’re set.
  22. Stacking Rocks – Lots of textures and colors, fun for older kids too.
  23. Teething Rattle – A wooden toy that’s easy for the baby to grasp!
  24. Snuggle Me Organic – I’ve heard soooo many great things about this! Soft and comfortable to lay the baby on. It helps to mimic being in someone’s arms.