Holiday Gift Guide for the Co-Worker – 2022

Shopping for a co-worker can be difficult! How do you get something useful, but not tacky, without sending a million bucks?! Here are a few gift that are sure to make them smile, and most are under $30! Honestly, all of them are tried + true faves around here.

  1. Paper Mate Pens – Easily one of my favorite pens! These were the top seller in July during Prime Days! They glide so well and are so fun to write with. These are the ones I shamelessly tried in Target, and yes, I bought the notebook too.
  2. Marble Pen Holder – This pen holder is the cutest! You know I love a good gold edge. I also love this one because it has different sections for better organization.. sort by color, by pens/pencils/highlighter..
  3. Stanley Cup – You cannot go wrong with getting your work bestie the best cup ever. The straw lid and the flip top lid are both so great. The flip top is for sure my travel go to, but day to day I reach for that nice big handle. TARA20 works for 20% off all drinkware except the Quenchers.
  4. Rocket Book Notebook – I shared this on the gift guide last year, I use it every day and love it so much. This one is also great. These pens are the only ones that work with the notebook, but are great pens all around!
  5. Post It Notes – So. many. colors. Perfect gift for the avid note taker! This one has notes and tabs.
  6. Transparent Sticky Notes – My absolute fave! They are also great for the kids to be able to trace and take notes in their books!
  7. To-Do Sheets – Stay organized with this stack of to-do sheets.
  8. Frixion Pens – I linked them above with the Rocket Book, but they work so well on their own too!
  9. Wireless charging station – Not only is this perfect for traveling because it’s so compact, but perfect to have on a desk, in your purse, or on a nightstand! It can charge your watch, AirPods, and phone all at the same time, or you can fold it up and charge one thing at a time!
  10. Ello Mug – I’ve shared this mug a few times! I love to mix my Perk in it. It fits perfectly in cupholders, and has a silicone bottom so if you’re setting it on something wooden you don’t need a coaster. There’s also this cute one that is the same but colored top + wooden bottom!
  11. Blue Light Glasses – Okay, I have like 5 pairs of these, but the tortoise are the ones I wear most and are definitely my favorite. If working at the computer is a large part of your life, these are perfect.
  12. Screen Cleaning Wipes – No matter how hard I try, there are always fingerprints on my computer. These wipes are super handy to have on hand.
  13. Cord Clips – Perfect for keeping those pesky cords in place, I use them on my nightstand! They came in a pack so you can keep some for yourself too!
  14. Rip Off Calendars – The gift that keeps on giving, ALL YEAR. I love these ones: OMG FACTS | AMAZING FACTS | LIFE HACKS
  15. Desktop Vacuum – So long to dust and crumbs. This is so convenient to have on hand.
  16. Succulents – These fake plants will help to brighten up any space and they won’t die on anyone. Win, win! I love the pots they come in too, they even match the pen holders.