July 2021 Amazon Purchases

I seriously feel like I tell all my secrets in this one blog post haha. Remember when Alexa told Braun how many packages I had delivered that ONE day (8)…yikes. I’m just hoping he doesn’t read these dang Amazon blog posts… haha. So Braun if you’re here just click that little red X ok?? Haha. Just kidding guys, he’s totally aware of all the things. We share an account, so don’t come @ me. Is anyone else a sucker for Amazon though!?!

Here are my July purchases – If you’re throwing a party of sorts, especially a bridal shower… this post might be super helpful!!

Beading Supplies – It appears the masks are coming back in some places again whether we all agree with it or not. The girls have been super busy with orders again! They had to stock back up on some beads + clasps! If you want do order mask straps HERE is their Etsy account! I’m so proud of them!

Sooooooo many shipping supplies haha! These were basically so I could ship all of the Red Aspen nails to Canada. I had to grab a ton of mailers. I thought these pink + light blue ones were super cute, plus these peach ones! Also had to grab shipping labels.

Ahhh…. the disastrous balloon arch stuff haha. Lots of professionals nicely DM’d me and let me know it wasn’t the balloons fault.. I filled them too much (insert face palm emoji here……..) and my arches were actually good quality stuff. So, here you go.. This was the champagne/rose gold colored balloon arch + here is the pastel blue ones. This is the pump I got to fill them all up! I’ll give this pump all the credit it deserves. It was the MVP that day.

Here’s the napkins, plates, silverware + serving tongs I bought for the bridal shower!

These are the little wooden place card holders/sign stands + the favor bags! These little wood pieces were perfect for labeling everyyyyyything! Also scattered ring pops everywhere, obviously!!

Thank You Cards! It’s so helpful if you’re throwing a party to have these out so people can self address their own envelopes and then just give the whole dang stack to the person you’re celebrating!! These are blank inside.

The Amazon dress you all ask about! I actually bought it in two colors because I loved it so much. This white one is the one I wore to extended family photos (+ in Missouri!) + the blue one I wore to Braun’s sister’s wedding. They are a little bit different styles. I wear a small in the white one and a medium in the blue one. The blue one is tight in the chest!

Got these for the boys! They needed white for the wedding… they probably have the same shirts in their closet already but I knew I couldn’t count on them being white-white haha. Dash is in a medium, Jett in an XS.

Emery + Anisten were in charge of some cake making in July for all the things! They did great. We got this icing spatula + this batter spreader to help. Parchment paper, too. Aren’t you so glad I share it all?? I know someone out there has no parchment paper in their cabinets…

Batteries.. batteries and more batteries haha. This back up camera battery pack is great.

Reem of paper… this was for the cute coloring pages we made for Bre’s wedding from procreate/canva!

Anisten ended up making the baking powder paste BUT this was your #1 recommendation so I grabbed it for next time the green happens. It’s called Malibu C Swimmers Hair Remedy.

Little trinkets.. this fidget toy, a tad annoying but keeps the boys at bay haha. Grabbed this Nerf Howler too.

My favorite gum! Haha. This is on auto delivery for us every 6 months.

Fiji Water… also on auto delivery. We get 3 of these cases every month. It’s my fave.

Laaaaast but not least…. Prilosec! Thank heavens for heartburn meds. We like this flavor.

That’s all for this month… see you in September for August’s craziness!! 😉