My Favorite Bags

I feel like I can be honest with you because we’re friends, right? I made a valiant effort to use a small purse. I moved my essentials over, took my smallest wallet (I have a few and you can check them out here), and I downsized. Unsuccessfully.

I tried guys, I really did! But you’ve seen me leave the house. I’ve got 2-3 bags with me plus a Hydroflask, one of my many Truffle bags, and I am now convinced that my large totes and purses are justified and completely necessary.

So I’m breaking it down for you and sharing my favorites. I do want to tell you before we move on that purses are a thing that I invest in. I buy timeless bags that I can wear for years and years. Ones that don’t go out of style and definitely ones that hold up!


First up? Let’s talk camera bags! I own a few. A camera bag basically has a padded interior pocket inside of it to hold all your expensive equipment safe.  This large saddle-leather tote is a Kelly Moore bag and I love this thing. It’s got dual shoulder straps or the cross-body option as well as 4 large interior pockets and a zip closure. I have this one and the Scout bag from Ms. Moore and trust me, they’re the type of bag that only get better the more you use them! If you love the large tote but want your points, this one from Nordstrom is also one I own!

Here are my favorite BIG bags that I own and LOVE (more budget friendly options are linked at the bottom of this post too!) I travel with one of these ALWAYS.


I refuse to go any smaller than this. But I do love this bag for a ton of reasons! According to the website this bag is, “Sophisticated and timeless, each Siena camera bag is individually handcrafted from beautiful Italian leather. Inside this satchel, you can carry a DSLR body with lens attached, an additional lens and your everyday handbag items. The bag comes with two adjustable interior pads to protect your equipment as well as a removable iPad/tablet insert.” And I couldn’t say that better! I plan on doing a post all about my camera gear and what I carry it in but this will have to do for now!

And can we just spend a second and appreciate how adorable Goldie is?

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You guys know how much I love these bags! I’ve got them in a few sizes but I especially love the large (pictured here) and the duffel. Oh and the Sutton. I love being able to carry it crossbody if I want. The small Sutton is PERFECT for traveling too!  If you want something a little more colorful, Nordstrom has a TON of options! These bags are really versatile, have a lot of great styles, and are really durable! Plus they come with a few zippered detachable pockets which we all know how happy those kinds of things make me.


If you aren’t ready to lug around one of the big boys mentioned above, this is my compromise bag. Not so big that I have long-term back issues from lugging it around, but not so small that it only carries a tube of chapstick and my keys. This black leather bag has double hand straps as well as an over-the-shoulder option that frees your hands up to do more. I’m a busy mom boss! I’ve got things to do and places to go and I can’t be bogged down carrying a bunch of purses. They basically have to carry themselves. On my shoulder. Keeping my hands free.

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I also am a HUGE fan of this bag too. I got it a few weeks ago and that exterior pocket is SO handy! I throw my phone in there and I always know exactly where it is! Oh and it comes in so many colors which is always nice.



Here are a few of my favorite MEDIUM and SMALL sized bags (that I own and love!)


Here are a few more of my favorites. A bunch are more budget friendly too!  Happy purse hunting!

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    steph said:

    How do you like the Chanel bag? I’ve couldn’t find your review.

  2. 8.16.19
    tarathueson said:

    I don’t have a Chanel bag! Could you possibly be referring to a different one?

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