My Favorite Pajamas & Loungewear

If I could choose one outfit to live in for the rest of my life, it just might be a pair of pajamas. Even the long grandma-esque dress ones. I just like them.

They’re comfy, convenient, and the right pair can double as comfy athleisure-wear in a pinch!  I’m showing you my favorites and where to find the best sets!


I’ve been a fan of these pajamas for as long as I can remember and one of these days I’m going to get a good picture of them! These are Nordstrom-made Moonlight pajamas and they come in all sorts of different styles and colors. My favorite are these 2-piece sets but they’ve got nightshirts and short sets as well. They’re incredibly comfortable, soft, and they never pill. And the price isn’t going to break the bank! Nordstrom’s BP line also has some really fantastic options for sleepwear/lounegwear! BP. or Brass Plum (I might be the only one old enough to remember this) is their teen/young adult clothing section and the prices match! So you can get super cute pajamas for less!


• • •


If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know that I have found some really amazing pj’s at Walmart! The brand I love there most is Secret Treasures. I posted about them last week and you guys completely cleaned them out of this heart set.

But they’ve restocked and they also have a lot of other prints that I really love! And if you’re not a set type person, they have a ton of separates that you guys also went crazy over!


They’re worth checking out if you’re looking for some great sets or separates and they’re super wallet-friendly. Most sets aren’t more than $15!


• • •


If you haven’t shopped at ASOS, you’re missing out – BIG TIME! Super inexpensive, free 2-day shipping from the UK, and the most forgiving return policy. They do carry a bunch of name brands but they also carry a ton of no-name brands that are super trendy. They also carry a crazy amount of pajamas with fun, quirky prints! They’re not “I’m gonna own these forever” pajamas but they’re fun, will also fit your teens/tweens, and great quality!


• • •


One thing I love about JC Penney is their crazy sales. In fact, most of the pajamas I listed here are on sale for around $12! If you hit JCP at the right time, you can really get some fantastic deals at their season-end sales! Plus, they always have a good selection of new styles and new versions of old favorites – like these gingham pajamas from last year!

If you end up shopping online, make sure you use code SPRING20 at checkout to get the lowest price! And visit your local one – I always find the best stuff when I go in-store!


• • •


I have found some of my favorite things in this life on Amazon. You can’t beat 2-day shipping and the fact that they have everything under the sun! Plus, they have a really fantastic pajama selection. If you’re wanting to get the Nordstrom Moonlight pajamas but want to pay a little less, this pair has over 2,000 5-star reviews and they say they’re just as lush! I’ve rounded up my top picks, all with 100’s of 5-star reviews calling them the softest, comfiest, and high-quality pajamas!

• • •


These definitely deserve their own section because not everywhere has a great selection but you should have at least 1 in your closet for those nights when you just want to wear the comfiest thing ever made! I’ve put a few of my favorite Nesting Olive house dresses that are perfect for anyone pregnant, not pregnant, nursing, not nursing, sleeping…not sleeping – haha. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve worn this thing out of my house. Where actual people will see me. It’s fine.

But the rest of this list is worth checking out as well if you’re more of a nightgown type of girl!


• • •


I hope you find something you love to wear and lounge in. I guarantee that you will love everything I listed here!

Xx Tara








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