My Vacation Skin Essentials

Here’s what happens when I pack makeup for vacation: I pack my entire bag of makeup with the intention of getting ready and doing all the things when in reality, I wear 4-5 products.

And the products I do use? They’re the products that keep my skin hydrated, protected, glowing – basically the products you would use for that ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

So here are my top 3 vacation must-haves:

1: Face Mask

Keeping my skin glowing and blemish-free while on vacation always starts with my skincare routine. When they tell you that you should never go to bed with makeup on, they’re telling you the truth! Washing my face at night on a regular basis is the most important step in my regimen!

After I wash, I start with a mask and The Bubble Mask by Sephora has become my new favorite! It’s $3 less than my other go-to mask and I can’t tell a difference. You know those masks you see people wearing where they look as though they’ve sprouted a great bubbly lather all over their face? That’s this mask!

It’s great for all skin types and really helps with acne/blemishes and blackheads. Leave it on for 15 minutes and let it work it’s magic! And if you need a laugh, you can use for halloween as well!

2: Clarifying Oil

This stuff looks iffy at first glance but this is sooo good for your skin!

While this can be used morning and night, I especially love this in the morning before I moisturize and put on my face. GLAMGLOW’s Liquid Charcoal Clarifying Oil is full of vitamin C, salicylic acid, and oleic acid-rich oils aimed at smoothing and protecting your skin. This oil clarifies your complexion and protects skin from pollution with antioxidants while it nourishes your skin!




3. Moisturize and Faux Glow

You’ve heard me talk about these two items before and they’re seriously the perfect pair! This moisturizer and these tanning drops that I mix with it are the reason I wake up glowing and looking like I just spent 5 days in the Caribbean! This moisturizer has become a staple in me makeup routine and has totally transformed the way my makeup looks once applied! It’s super hydrating with iridescent illuminating pearl particles to blur, reflect, and enhance your skin glows.

I do my best to stay out of the sun and without a healthy faux glow my skin tends to make me look a little ill. I get asked this question a lot – I go with the darkest color (purple) because I’ve found that I can adjust how dark I get by the number of drops I put in my moisturizer!

And that’s it!

If I want some overall coverage along with SPF I might put on my go-to foundation that gives me 50 SPF protection to keep me from getting burned! You can shop the rest of my favorites by clicking below!

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