Nordstrom Beauty

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You know when you find something you love and you just stick with it? That’s how I feel about these brands. I find myself reaching for them over and over… Luckily, Nordstrom carries them all! It’s super nice having them all in one place instead of tracking them down on each individual website. They carry a wide range of brands in makeup, skincare, bath + body, hair care + fragrance. They also carry some men’s stuff also!

If you’ve been here for awhile, you know I loooove these Jo Malone fragrances! I’ve been wearing them forever.. they are also on my holiday gift guides for women, beauty lovers + your luxe friend. I made some scent guides below so it’s easy for you to pick out what you may like best. Nordstrom carries all of them!! I love this cute little travel set with a bunch of their scents. It’s the best way to try them. They all smell so good!

My favorites is this Nectarine Blossom + Honey Cologne. The smaller ones are all part of THIS set! It’s the best bang for your buck. Plus you can pick the ones you love the most and gift the rest, haha!

Here’s a scent guide so you can pick your favorite! This is just a few of them, you can find them all HERE at Nordstrom!

You can tap each image below to shop Jo Malone Fragrances at Nordstrom

Le Labo makes some of my other favorite scents and is available on Nordstrom.. From Left to Right: Neroli 36, Another 16 + LYS 41.. I recommend getting this discovery set so you can test out a bunch of them and pick your favorite. This has their 4 top sellers in it. They also offer candles, body lotion, oils, hand soap, bar soap, shampoos + conditioners.. you can shop them all HERE or tap through the images below (but that’s just a few of the items they offer! 🙂 ).

Supergoop! makes some dang good suncreen. I get the unseen sunscreen and the glowscreen for myself + my family. This time I branched out a bit and grabbed some different products by them. The Play comes in both a body mousse or a cream, and they also have a face stick!

Shop All Supergoop!

There’s very few products that I trust on my face, this Lancome Bi-Facial is one of them! It’s a great makeup remover for sensitive skin. Nordstrom carries a bunch of different sizes of this! It works on waterproof mascara + hydrates your skin instead of stripping it of moisture. I put it on a cotton round and wipe off my makeup.

Another tried + true for me… This Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. It became a necessity with all of the extra sanitizer I was using. It’s best to apply directly to clean hands, and it works like a protective glove essentially! It’s made with botanical oils and natural wax from olive oil to soothe and moisturize.

Ahhhh, guys… if I could only have one hair tool for the rest of my dang life, it would be this one. The Dyson AirWrap does EVERYTHING… and works so well. It’s great for any hair type too!! I know it’s spendy, and I’m all for dupes – but this is SO worth it. I promise!!

Nordstrom is a great option to shop from if you love mixing and matching brands in your routine. They carry a bunch of beauty items and have free shipping and returns, buy online + pick up in store or free curbside pickup (so no rummaging around a store to try to find what you want!!) as well as amazing customer service. Check out Nordstrom to see if they carry your favorite brands, I bet you’ll be surprised! They’re adding tons of stuff all the time, too!