Nordstrom Sale – My Beauty Picks!

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Per usual, the Nordstrom Anniversary pre-sale sold sooooo many products. It’s a one-of-a-kind sale offered once per year… Basically it discounts brand new arrivals deeply! I’ve gone through the in-stock items and pulled out my absolute favorites for you and some I actually ordered for myself to try. Some of these will come to no surprise because I talk about them often anyway!

Self Tanner | Cleanser

So this is just what I currently have at my house because my giant bottle is down in Southern Utah, but I will for sure be buying the giant bottle included in this sale to keep at my house here! St. Tropez self tan express has been a favorite self tanner for years now… I’ve seriously tried everything and I keep coming back to this. It goes on as a mousse, and is a 3 hours solution vs 8 hours for most tanners. It TANS you, not oranges you. I know you know what I mean haha. I use it with a tanning mitt, let dry for a few minutes and then throw on some light clothes over while it sets. I actually still wear this overnight because I love a realllllllly deep tan but 3 hours has a perfect bronze glow. The one in the sale is a HUGE bottle (typically $88)!!

I actually have another blog post with this cleanser included. I’ve been using this for awhile now and it’s one of my favorites. It’s super gentle and doesn’t irritate my eyes or skin. The sale includes a set of two full size bottles and a travel size bottle which is super nice! It works on even the toughest of waterproof mascaras or eyeliners!


This mirror is seriously the best! I use it almost daily when I get ready, especially if you ever see a “get ready with me” type video! It’s so great I can just tack my phone right here. See all those buttons? Light up, light down, magnification, bluetooth for a selfie function as well as videoing! It also comes with a magnification mirror you can attach to it as well. The stand adjusts and it’s super light weight… rechargeable battery! Definitely a must for any beauty blogging or videos. I also found it really helpful for late night zoom calls too!

Hand Lotion

This hand lotion is seriously the best. I have gone through soooo many bottles of this during the past year with all the extra sanitizer I’ve been using. It’s been a saving grace over here and I haven’t had dry hands at all. I keep some in my car, in my purse, in the house haha… you name it. Totally worth snagging!

I’m shocked these are still included in the sale and haven’t sold out. These PMD products are great. The clean is the most basic, and soooo many people I know love them! You use it to wash your face and apply serums. The Microderm tool is super similar to the one I have and it is very highly rated. Comes in blush and black.

Tula Set

Tula created an awesome set for this sale. It’s called the Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser Set and it has all three of my favorite Tula products in it! The Cult cleanser, day and night cream + the eye stick!! I don’t go a day without any of these products. Totally worth it to grab this kit, especially while it’s on a major sale. It’s a great way to try their best selling products (or restock!).

Here’s a few other products I’m considering + hope they remain in stock for all of you to snag!

Make sure you shop quickly because things are sure to sell out.. as you’ve already seen from pre-sale to public sale. Even if things don’t sell out, the prices go back up immediately after the sale is over. Nordstrom has a pretty great loyalty program that allows you to reserve things online and try on in store or buy online and pick up in store. Can you imagine having a fitting room and clothes picked by the time you arrive!?!? Magic. They also have a bunch of other perks like curbside, free shipping + returns, alterations, rewards and excellent customer service! + so so much more.

I can’t wait to shop right along with you today!! Hop over to my IG to tell me what you snagged or for direct links to the stuff I’m shopping for 🙂