I own this vest in 2 colors now… it’s so good. It actually keeps you super warm too. I wore it with a sweatshirt underneath and didn’t feel the need to put on a coat or anything! Wearing and XS, it runs big!

The shirt is super thin and so easy to layer. Love the pattern, it’s still neutral but adds something different! In a small.

I wasn’t sure about the flare leggings trend at first, but I’m kind of loving them! It looks really good with Uggs too. They also have a one piece that is similar that I really like.

You can’t go wrong with Uggs this winter. I’m so glad they are back in style. These are hard to come by, but I found some in black that are the same style!

I switched things up with my phone case and have been trying out a phone chain! This one is from Ossa New York. I like it! Here’s a similar, less expensive, one from Amazon.