I’m SO sad that this romper currently only comes in two colors because it might just be my new favorite romper… shhhhhh.. don’t tell that cute hot shot onesie we all love.. Anyway, this one runs more true to size unlike most of FP. I get a small in this one!

These sneakers are Hokas! I get asked all the time for a comparison on these v. ultraboosts v. apl v. on cloud – so I’m testing them out. I will report back when I have more of an opinion formed on them!! Initial impression – suuuuuper comfy!

My tan is Red Aspen!! I LOVE the glow from it. Their face drops are so nice too. It’s all clean beauty. 

As always, I’m sporting my Loopy case (since 2014ish!). My code TARA10 works on one, and TARA15 works on multiple. I finally got the cute iridescent one for my phone! Bring on spring!