You guys ask often where we get teen clothes.. A lot of the time it’s at Urban Outfitters for Emery! Since we can wear each other’s clothes now, she shops a lot of places I love.. Is that so I’ll agree to buy + share? probably… haha. Smart, Em. Smart.

These shorts are currently 25% off at urban outfitters! I really love that she’s comfortable in them + they aren’t revealing at all. I will say, Emery doesn’t have big legs.. they fit her as I would expect shorts to fit. I think the model picture is a bit misleading for how roomy they look on her! They definitely are a hugging fit (but not squeezing). These shorts are similar + do have the more baggy fit. Shop ALL SHORTS 25% off at UO.

The sweatshirt is way cute! It’s an oversized fit. They only have S/M and L/XL sizing.. this is the S/M.

UO has a huuuuuge selection of converse (but of course not the color from a couple months ago she’s wearing here).. we recently bought these.