I will forever and ever wear the most comfortable and cute pajamas I can possibly find, so that I can wear the tops out if I really wanted too.. Haha.

The cardigan is waaaaay old from nordstrom – so its not available in green anymore and sizes are limited.. this one is close to it but no green 🙁 this cardigan looks cozy too and is on sale.

The pjs are from Tommy John, and so is my bra! I am obsessed with their second skin line. Initially I tried them during a potentially for a partnership and now I own SO much of their stuff I’ve totally purchased on my own. I’m in love with it. I think my code is still active.. TARA25 🙂 This is the second skin tee + pant, and my bra is the second skin line also. They have way cute prints right now.

My slippers are the Ugg Fluff Yeah! ones. They’re so comfy. I have had these for awhile now, and I definitely have them in different colors, too. Adult and kid sizes on sale at Nordstrom!

As always, I’m sporting my Loopy case (since 2014ish!). My code TARA10 works on one, and TARA15 works on multiple. I finally got the cute iridescent one for my phone! Bring on spring!