Weekly Favorites

It’s Sunday – which means it’s time to talk about what you all loved this week! 🙂

  1. Anthro Bag Set – I have loved this! It’s SO cute, in fact.. I bought both color ways, haha. It comes with this big tote and a smaller bag that would be perfect for dinner!!
  2. Shop Andi Accessories – These are the BEST hair clips + accessories.. Anisten really loves their watch bands! code: TARA for 15% off!
  3. Red Aspen – Tanning mousse + nails! Their new dashes are SO cute. I’m currently loving the Connie Casual Square 🙂
  4. Aerie Swim – so many of you asked + bought my swim from aerie!! I swear I buy their suits yearly because they come out with new colors. I wore the black scalloped and this cute blue cut out one on my trip.
  5. Target Romper – size up one in this, it’s juniors.. However, you guys really loved my whole target order!! I was excited about that, haha. I did a whole blog post on sizing and fit HERE.
  6. Jack Black Lip Balm – if you haven’t ever had a lip burn.. consider yourself lucky. This is what keeps me from getting (another) one!! The best SPF Lip Balm I have tried!
  7. Goosebumps – The best blankets! I travel around the world with these guys.. Code: TARA saves you 15% 🙂
  8. Tommy John – world’s comfiest PJs, hands down.. braun and I both LOVE these.. the second skin line is the best. Code: TARA25 should still be active but ends in a few days!
  9. LuluLemon Belt Bag – I thought this strap was SO cute, clearly you guys did too! 🙂