Can you believe that we are finally making progress on the basement??! Haha, sometimes it makes me laugh it has taken so long for indecisive and backorder reasons.

These mirrors are everything we were hoping for and more!! We got two of them for the bathrooms in 24″x36″, and matte black finish. There are 5 sizes and 8 finishes to choose from.. so choose wisely! haha.

This faucet isn’t the exact one.. it’s the taller version. I’m struggling to find the actual one.. sorry guys! 🙁

My tee is Free People! Size up 1-2 sizes. It’s definitely a cropped fit. This one is a medium! HERE is how the large fits 🙂

My jeans — remember to size up a couple sizes, haha! They definitely run small.. remember THIS daily with the cute boots?!!? Same jeans!

This iridescent loopy case is definitely my favorite they’ve launched in awhile.. I used the silver glitter one for a hot minute, but this one… I just love it. You can use code TARA10 on one or TARA15 on multiple to save a few bucks!