Our Favorite “Get Out” and Go Summer Activities – GIVEAWAY!

You guys! Summer is here, my kids are home ALL DAY LONG and if you’re like me, you go back and forth between that being the best and worst thing ever. It took me two whole weeks just to convince my kids that our backyard is fun to play in.

Summer at our house is BUSY! We used to pack everybody up and head to wherever Braun was stationed for the summer but as our kids got older we made the decision to keep them at home. But this means that I’m on single-mom duty for 4-6 week stretches and that can be tough! Keeping these kids busy, entertained, and keeping myself patient and calm feels like a herculean effort some days.

We do have our favorite summer toys that keep us super busy and I’ve listed some of them HERE, but honestly? Sometimes it’s nice to take them to an activity that is fully immersive so I can get a bit of a break!

Getting outside, switching up our activities is a must but sometimes that can be really expensive. Sure, if you’ve got 1-2 kids it may not add up as fast but a lot of times I’ve got my four plus the whole dang neighborhood! Just to take my family to Lagoon is $319.70…that’s an expensive afternoon in my book.

So I’ve partnered with Get Out Pass Utah to give a lucky family (could be 4 friends as well!) 4 Get Out Passes totally FREE! Don’t know what A Get Out Pass is? Let me break it down for you:

For $9.95/per month/per family member for 12 months OR pay $109 total up front and save $10 and you get access to fun outdoor activities, indoor activity centers, rock climbing, bowling, working farms, and so much more!

Here’s what a glimpse of what you get access to:

As you can see, even with getting access to these 4 you’re already saving $50 per person! But it’s not just these 4-one time use places. You also get repeated access to:

With a pass like this, your family can have a pretty epic summer full of laughter, memories, and will keep you busy mamas sane! Plus, it will keep your bank account super happy!

So how do you enter? Simply tell me what your favorite summer activity is in the comments below!

Ready to get your own passes? You can click HERE and use the code ‘tara15’ at checkout to take $15 off the yearly fee or $1 off the monthly installments!

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  1. Our favorite thing to do in the summer is go to the beach, but since we are landlocked we will take Bear Lake as a close second option.

  2. We LOVE to roast s’mores and barbecue pretty much every day. Cooking inside is the worst when it’s hot!

  3. Our favorite summer activity this year is going to the new Splash pad and getting ice cream with my kids.


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