Our Favorite Summer Treat

When you’re a mom of 4 children, 1 fur baby, spend a couple of weeks traveling and have a husband who’s gone for the summer for work, you crave simplicity!

And with the temperatures being as high as they’ve been, that means that snack time has consisted of cold treats that take less than 10 minutes. It could be anything from homemade popsicles to a smoothie and this blender from The Home Depot makes any frozen treat super simple and feel like a whiz in the kitchen all at the same time!


I’m gonna be honest here – when I went looking for a blender, it was just for smoothies! And I was so surprised by the sheer number of options that The Home Depot had! And I don’t know the last time you visited your local Home Depot but it is a store I could get lost in for hours! It’s grown so much and really is a destination for everything from home decor to kitchen appliances, and a ton more!

But coming back to this blender – I’m a huge fan! There are a couple of things I love but the biggest thing I got excited about was that it does single servings!

This didn’t seem like a big deal when I got it but with 4 kids who all have pretty varied tastes, I can make them what they like, make a single serving, and move onto the next! There are a lot more options for single serving blenders like this one from Hamilton Beach or this one from Elite. (this one has really cool containers and is really tailored to single servings and blending and freezing your finished product for later use.)

There was also one just like the one I got from Ninja but it also blended in a bowl so you could easily make your favorite Acai bowls! They even had one for those serious blenders out there who are looking for something more on the heavy duty side!

And if you are really just looking for a blender that does frozen drinks you can do this one from Nostalgia that is a slushie maker that keeps the consistency really smooth and promises to prevent clumping or have a bit more fun with something like this Coca Cola Slushie Maker that I know my kids would have a blast with!

And every single one of these is available at The Home Depot 

So knowing me, I’m sure you can guess what my kids and I made first…Of course, it was our favorite Pineapple Dole Whip recipe! When you can’t go to the happiest place on earth to grab your favorite, you head toThe Home Depot to grab your own Dole Whip maker and bring the happiest place on earth to you!

I’ve put the recipe below so you can make your own at home!

And seriously, check out your local The Home Depot! But don’t say I didn’t warn you – it will fast become one of your favorite stores to grab all your home good needs!

P.S. I made or may not have made it out of there with a new juicer!

Remember that juice cleanse that Braun and I do anytime we’re feeling like we need to kickstart our healthy eating habits again? Well, this time we got a little helper so stay tuned because I’ll be posting our favorite juice recipes along with some other fun things that helped us in the process!

Dole Whip

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2 Ingredient Non-Dairy

2 Cups Frozen Pineapple

1/4 Cup Milk of choice (we use almond milk so they’re dairy-free!)


If you’re looking for more flavor try adding:

1/16 tsp Salt

2 Tbsp Sugar

1 Tbsp Lemon Juice


This one’s pretty self-explanatory but in case there is confusion, blend all ingredients until smooth!

You can scoop out with an ice cream scoop (a yonanas machine works in a pinch). If you want more of a soft serve, freeze for 30 minutes before serving!


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