Raising Teens: What Is The Right Age To Start Shaving?

ughhh…can I plead the 5th on this one? I feel like no matter my answer, I’m going to have parents on both sides of the debate unhappy. But the truth is, this really is a decision that should be made between you and your kid.

Honestly, I can’t even remember when I started shaving. Between the task of doing it and the desire to want smooth legs like my friends, I want to say I wasn’t on the young end, but I also wasn’t on the older end.


What I’ve done with my girls is waited until they asked. It may seem the less aggressive road to take but I don’t ever want to introduce negative stereotypes or feelings about their bodies. And I think hair is the least of these offenders – who cares if you have it! And honestly, if my girls were to decide that shaving isn’t for them, it wouldn’t bother me one bit. I love them just as they are and more importantly, I want them to love themselves just as they are. That’s the most important lesson here.

But when they did ask (Emery did about a year ago and Anisten asked about 2 months ago), I wanted to make sure that 1. they knew what they were doing, and 2. that they knew there isn’t anything to be embarrassed about – it’s just part of growing up, and 3. that they had fun and had the proper equipment.


I found the first 2 are easily conquered by just talking about and a quick tutorial. As for the 3rd, I only had my own experience to go off of. When I started shaving, I just did it on my own one day. With a razor that was already in the tub and about a half a bottle of shampoo – haha. Not a great start.

But I got the hang of it and have also improved my game. I bought men’s razors for years because they always gave me a smoother shave but more recently, I got myself a Billie subscription and after a few days, knew I wouldn’t be going back to men’s razors. Better still, it’s something I’ve got for both girls for their stockings!

Finding a razor that wouldn’t knick their fragile skin or leave behind an even worse rash (we’ve all been there) was my goal.

But being the diehard product junkie and beauty lover that I am, I routinely try things that Allure awards their “best of beauty” and in 2018, Billie was on that list! And so I ordered my shaving supplies for $9 and it showed up on my doorstep in an adorably packaged starter kit! I’d buy it for the branding alone but it goes far beyond that because they totally delivered.

And I kinda feel like they thought of everything! For starters, the company worked with top industrial designers to develop the handles. Their matte-rubber core makes them super easy to grip so I don’t have to worry about my girl’s hands slipping. They come in 5 cute colors (umm, I feel like Dream Pop was made with me in mind) and have a clean aesthetic that I’m totally into. And the magnetic holder that sticks on the wall of your shower so that you can keep your razor as sanitary as possible? GENIUS! No rusted-out razors. No yuckiness.



And remember when I said like 5 seconds ago that I wouldn’t be going back to men’s razors? It’s because Billie’s have the sharpest blades I’ve ever found. That and the aloe ring around the razor makes this thing glide smoothly over my legs while getting every last hair! And it doesn’t leave my skin thirsty. So no more winter itch!

You can set how often you want your replacement cartridges to be delivered (I chose every 2 months) and that’s it! It’s that simple. And it’s a subscription that my girls can continue when they go off to college.

And if you need they extras, they’ve got them. Shaving cream, body wash, body lotion, a travel case for your blades…they really did think of everything to make shaving something you’ll want to do. Even if it is just to use their super cool stuff.

Grab a kit for yourself (remember $9?!?) or gift it to someone else! I’ve got both Anisten and Emery one for their stockings and one for my own as well! So when the topic of shaving rolls around, you’re prepared for that hairy topic.

Xx Tara



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