Spring picks at Backcountry

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UTAH! Can you figure out the weather, please?! Because… ugh.. it was so cold taking these! These pictures might look springy – but gosh, it it was absolutely freezing and sooo windy. The “calm” before the snowstorm. Again, what the crap. It’s April, it’s spring. Let’s get a move on. Haha. I’m ready for all the cute things I’ve gotten lately. Backcountry carries so many of our families favorite things.. clothing, footwear, backpacks, accessories, gear, you name it..

I’ve got my code TARABC15 again for 15% off your first full price purchase (some exclusions do apply) at Backcountry – and I’ll share what I’m currently loving below!

1 ) Basin + Range Sweatshirts

I have gotten a few really great sweatshirts from them, we all know how much I really love my comfy clothes and loungewear.. The Half Zip is of my newer favorites, but this Pullover is one I’ve had for nearly a year and it’s still in great shape and super comfortable (plus it’s on sale right now!)


This sweatshirt is so cute, and so close to Varley‘s version of a half zip! A little more cropped fit though. The quality is great and it’s super comfortable. It’s a French Terry material and definitely more of a boxy fit. Also.. it has pockets! I have all the details on the skort HERE on my blog post from last month!!


This sweatshirt is definitely a cropped fit. It’s also a cotton terry.. sometimes I imagine that meaning that it is like crunchy or scratchy.. you know what I mean, right?!? We all have felt bad cotton terry. This definitely is not that all. The ribbing on the cuff, hem + collar is cute too. I appreciate that it isn’t a tight hem.

2 ) Cotton Terry Shorts + Sweatpants

horts and the sweatpants I’ve had since last year and I’m still


These cute cotton terry shorts are a new grab for me this month.. I actually can’t believe I overlooked them last month when I found the sweatshirt!! Usually I am always hunting for the full matching set… these match the colors of the half zip perfectly.. the waistband on them is thick and comfortable and the pockets are actually useful!!


These sweats are called classic sweatpants for a reason, think of your absolute favorite pair you’ve ever had – these are probably dang close to that fit. The waistband is super cute, it’s like a couple inches thick and not tight. The color for both is Gull Grey.

3) Sandals

My Birkenstocks obsession runs strong (I’ve even got Braun into them).. I wear them in every single season and you know I grabbed the clogs when I finally saw them in stock! Can you believe these are back!? My high school self would be so jealous.


I think you all by now know how much I love these.. but also you probably know they rarely go on sale.. You can use my code TARABC15 if it’s your first time order (some exclusions apply) to get 15% off of Birkenstocks at Backcountry!! Here’s some other cute ones that I love.. plus Teva (HERE are the kids version!!) + Pons (I’ve had mine for around 6 or 7 years and they’re still amazing!!)

Other sandals I fell in love with last year were the Moses Two Band Slides.. so many of you gave me raving reviews I had to try them – and you were right!!


The Black Splatter pair on the right are my pair from last summer.. amazing, right?! They literally look brand new. They’re washable — and these hold up so well. The heels don’t wear down! They are firmer than Birkenstocks.. I don’t know how to describe the material of them because if I do, they won’t sound comfortable but they are! Love them.. they came out with a bunch of cute new colors and I had to grab this speckled taupe color too. Size DOWN in them! I am a size 8-8.5 and I got the 7/8.

4) Basin + Range Jeans

This is my first pair of jeans I’ve ordered from Backcountry… well technically second because I ordered another pair, but I had a clear favorite. The Basin + Range brand carries a lot more than activewear, which is mostly what I show from them. Thought I would branch out a little bit!!


Sorry for the closeup, but wanted you to see how snug and cute these fit for straight leg jeans.. it’s pretty much unheard of! They truly fit like a glove + are way cute on your buns – the other pair fit more baggy.. this pair was definitely the cuter of the two in my opinion.

Basin + Range has a bunch of other cute clothing items at Backcountry:

5 ) Fjallraven Backpacks

This Fjallraven Backpack has been my girls favorite for years.. they have both the mini and the regular sizes.. they just launched some color block ones!! Here’s a bunch.. in the solid color, there are so many to choose from too!

6 ) A ton of other stuff.. haha! If you’re interested in seeing more of what we love, I have months and months of blog posts with things here. They’re broken out and named by either months or season – and everything is in-season (like you won’t see shorts in the dead of winter, or snow boots in the summer posts).. so if you are needing some good stuff, check them out too!!

Hope this gives you some inspo for Spring, I promise it’s on the horizon!!