Springtime OOTD

Since I just got my brows re-touched, I’ve got to keep them out of the sun for awhile while they heal. This visor has been my go-to for doing so. If I’m being completely honest though, It’s my go-to during most of the summer. I love the texture of it and it is super light-weight, so it doesn’t give me headaches.

I also really love the colors in this one, and it is also super light weight!

These shorts are the best length!! 8″ inseam seems to be my favorite lately. Plus they’re the align material which you can’t beat.

Here is my sweater! Love the side slits and the material is perfect. They always come out with a lot of color options in it too!

Crocs… you can’t beat them for running in and out of the house in. Don’t knock them til you try them!