Tech Tuesday: My Favorite Tech Organizers

Keeping everything organized and in one place while traveling is tough, especially when it comes to bringing tech accessories on the go. Charger cords and headphones, especially, get tangled up, misplaced, and in the way of everything. And this is just after I have spent a few hours rounding them up from around my house!


I can’t be the only one who gets a new cord only to find it 4 days later plugged into one of the kids’ gadgets or missing completely. I don’t know what it is about cords but they’re always the first thing to go.

But once I do have them ready to pack, there are just so many of them. At any given time I’ve got my computer charging cord, my phone charger, headphones, iPad charger, external hard drive, USB cords, USB-C cords, charging pucks, Apple Watch charger…I mean, there are just so many stinking cords!

So how do you keep all the parts and pieces together and your valuable tech gear protected?


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I’ve seen my fair share of tech organizers, most of which are a little too “brown leather” for my taste; or they look great but don’t actually organize anything. I can keep my cords in one big nest and don’t need a pouch (however cute) to do something I do on my own all the time! haha

I need something that actually keeps these things organized! Unfortunately for you, the one I use is completely sold out. And the one they came out with to replace it isn’t half as good as it’s predecessor. So I have been on the hunt!

But I’ve done it! I’ve rounded up the best of the best. The cute and the functional. The ultimate organizers that will allow you to travel tech-savvy wherever your trips might take you. And do it in style!

Xx Tara

My Favorite Tech Organizers
Waterproof Double Layers Travel Gadget Organizer
Keep all your gear together with this two-compartment tech bag that has plenty of pockets and compartments to house all of your accessories. With a padded pouch that perfectly fits your 7.9″ iPad mini without the cover on and multiple elastic bands and pockets to keep your charger, hard drive, headphones, batteries, mouse, cables and other accessories safe, this is all you need to stay super organized. Made from heavy-duty, durable, and even waterproof material on the outside, and well padded, soft fabric on the inside, your kit will remain protected and scratch-free, wherever you may be heading. A nice case for keeping your kit safe and organized.
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Arlo Tech Pouch
This thing is beautiful and really well designed. It's not for the person packing every cord they own (those are below) but it's got inner pockets and elastic holders to fit all your chargers and cables. And I’m a huge fan of the monochromatic color scheme, along with palettes that work for people who prefer pastels or more saturated tones. The elastic loops are perfect for cords and chargers, while the Airmesh pockets are great for hard drives, small tablets, and other tech accessories. And if a flash drive or two or even a hair tie is in need of a place to call home, the exterior Airmesh slip pocket is the perfect place to put them. I mean, it's Dagne Dover - do they ever do anything wrong?
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Union Stow Accessory Organizer
This might be the most expensive one on my list - and it's easy to see why. The quality is amazing. But if you're a girl who leaves the house with everything but the kitchen sink, this one is NOT for you. However, if you are an "I carry the same 6 things with me wherever I go" this is the case for you. It's for the minimalist. The girl who knows what she needs and makes sure there's a place for it. If I didn't carry every tech thing I own with me at all times, this would be the case I'd choose. The organizer features a padded interior and an exterior quick access pocket for storing important items. Stow's multiple pockets and cable slips make it the perfect storage solution for all your accessories.
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Crossover 2 RFID Travel Organizer
This is for the girl on the go - the girl who roughs it, is no-nonsense, and needs her bags to be as indestructible as she is! Tough tech construction means lasting utility for a smart pouch to keep your essentials organized on the go. And that's exactly what THULE is known for! But keep in mind, this one doesn't have a sturdy outer case - don't put anything super precious in this one.
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Waterproof Compact Electronics Storage Bag for Cables
If you are a frequent traveler who is on the road or in the air more than twice a month, this is the tech case for you! This case will keep your cords neatly organized and easily accessible. This also comes in handy when you need to switch backpacks or suitcases because it's easy to just take the organizer from one case and put it in another. The only very minor drawback is that this can quickly get bulky if you put too much in there, but that's more on the person than the product!
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Travel Organizer Bag
Aesthetically, this isn't my favorite one, but man does it hold everything! This electronic organizer has double layers. In the first layer, one big foam-padded pocket to hold your E-book Kindle, iPad or Tablet(up to 9.7’’), 17 elastic loops, 5 mesh pouches with elastic loops and 3 small elastic compartments to hold cables, earphones, SD card, USB flash disk, pen, etc. In the second layer, 1 zipper mesh pocket, 4 mesh bag, and 4 extra elastic loops to store cellphone, laptop charger, chargers, and more gadgets. As I said, it holds EVERYTHING.
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Leather Travel Tech Organizer
I know, I know. I made fun of "brown leather' cases above. But you can get this one in olive green leather as well... It's handmade and artisan - which means it was made by someone who know how these things should be made. It's like they know everything you need to pack and exactly how it should be stored. Features full-grain leather with two-tone and hydrofuge technology, 7 slots of different sizes to hold your smaller items, dedicated Apple Pencil holder and a concealed pocket for money. Choose between linen or leather interior to give this electronics organizer a luxury touch. I love this as a gift for Father's Day or if you're a leather girl, as a piece that will only look better over time!
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Universal Travel Case Organizer for Small Electronics and Accessories
This is the perfect little case at the perfect little price - $12.99! This is the case for the person who sees the compartments and straps of all the others and instantly gets anxiety. This will easily store a mouse, a computer charger, 3-4 charging cords and 2-3 outlet charging adapters. One of the zippered pouches on this travel case is a bit small (like fit bit charger cord- small) but all in all this is worth the price and keeps everything organized. And it's hard shell will keep your stuff protected!
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Nylon Accessory Organizer for iPhone and Apple Watch
Listen, INCASE knows what they're doing. They've been doing it long enough and in partnership with Apple that they've got their design down to a fine science - and it shows. This case helps you sort and secure your iPhone, Apple Watch, chargers, and accessories. Constructed from a durable Flight Nylon material, it has a bi-fold main compartment with included accessory pouches, multiple cable storage slips and a plush, padded faux-fur pocket that houses and protects a variety of iPhone models. While it's one of the more expensive cases on my list, it's gorgeous, comes in 4 colors (I love the green), and really is designed with all of your Apple products in mind.
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GRID-IT! Accessory Organizer - Medium 12" x 8" (Black)
This is the non-pouch travel organizer and I have one and love it. This is not for the faint of heart. If strapping everything down and doing it in a way to maximize space and fit as much as you can makes you dizzy - skip this one. But this little tray/strap-board is great for the minimalist who travel with a lot and need to make sure they've packed everything and not left anything behind at a glance. You can simply glance at them to make sure you have everything you need before you leave a location. You can also use them as accessory-specific boards. Use a grid-it for your most common travel items, chargers, cables etc and a second one for photography stuff. I've not misplaced a single item since I started using them. If you do read the reviews, the main complaint is items falling out in your bag. Grid-its are not meant for one or two items. You need to stuff them full, the more you add the tighter they grip!
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