The Best Bras

When it comes to over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, you guys know I take them pretty seriously.

As should ALL women! You gotta protect those babies!

They give life y’all – you can’t mess with that.

PLUS having inadequate support can cause back problems, bad posture, neck problems…and even headaches! Yes, it’s true. It’s all connected and not supporting your tata’s can result in nasty side effects. (Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and cannot give medical advice or diagnose, prescribe, or treat any maladies you might be experiencing) So check with your Dr.

But seriously, it’s all connected. You owe it to yourself and your chest mounds, to swaddle them in luxury. Very supportive luxury.

See? I told you. I take this stuff seriously!

When you’re in the habit of wearing undergarments that are the wrong size and style, you’ll likely notice that your bra straps dig into your shoulders, the band squeezes your back, and the underwire pokes at your chest. But you might also notice that you’ve been getting headaches, backaches, or that you’ve been short of breath — all of which would make anyone want to take their bra off ASAP.

If you want to wear a bra, however, or feel like you have to (because you certainly don’t), trying a new style or size can truly be life-changing!

So I’m breaking it down and giving you the down and dirty on the bras that I love.

I’ve shown these to you before but I wanted them all in one place so that you can read through each description and decide which one is best for you!

The Everyday Bra


They call this bra the “bra-llelujah” bra because the heavens actually open up and sing when you put it on. It’s that comfortable. The nude is perfect for more sheer tops and looks seamless.

Most of all, it’s exceptionally comfortable. In the past, my bra was the first thing to come off me when I got home. With a SPANX bra, I don’t really notice it and may leave it on the rest of the day. I’m telling you, nowhere will you find a more comfortable, supportive bra that doesn’t have underwire!

I recommend getting fitted for this bra if you tend to go between sizes and larger chested girls may want to size up!


  • Fits like a normal bra
  • no underwire
  • supportive
  • thick straps
  • front clasp


  • may need to size up
  • does not fit really large chested women
  • you’ll forget you’re wearing it and accidentally sleep in it which will, in turn, make one of the horrible things your mom said would happen if you slept in your bra, happen. Fair warning.

• • •


• • •

The “Oops, They Did It Again” Bra


Uniqlo did it again and created the world’s most comfortable lounge/not going anywhere/I wear this out more than I should, bra. It started with this tank top and has morphed into an obsession.  This bra is lightweight, has no hardware, and is practically invisible under clothing and doesn’t squish you down like some sports bras. The pads are not removable in this new design but if you like the removable ones, you can always grab the older bra HERE. Even without the pads, this bra has good coverage.


  • totally seamless
  • newly redesigned
  • slight padding that doesn’t get twisted in the wash
  • thick straps
  • multiple colors
  • feels like a second skin


  • newly redesigned (pads are not removable which some people loved – I love the pads!)
  • does not support bigger busted women

The ‘Biggest Bang For Your Buck’ Bra

mirity sports bras


Who has two thumbs and buys their bras off of Amazon? This girl. Seriously, you can’t beat the price on these bras ($19.99 for THREE) and they actually work! These are not chintzy $6.50 bras that are made of tissue paper and pasties. These bras are the REAL DEAL and they support you like no other. It’s got a built-in bra for added support and is ventilated so that your sweat doesn’t get trapped when you’re earning splat points! Add in the wide shoulder straps and the super comfy fit, and you have me as a fan for life! You can get these in these packs of 3 or these ones made for high impact that come in a pack of 4.


  • inexpensive
  • comfortable
  • supportive
  • padded (Removeable)


  • may not last as long as a more expensive bra (I’ve only had them for a few months but they are holding up extremely well)
  • the white is a bit transparent – not good for wearing alone (unless you’re into that sort of thing)

And there you have it – my picks!

If you’re unsure of what to get – GET ALL 3! You can get 5 new bras (Mirity comes in a pack of 3) for under $100! You’ll have all your bases (or breasts) covered!

xx Tara

P.S. If there’s a bra you love that I gotta try – tell me below!

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  1. You have got to try the SHEFIT sports bra.. little more pricey, but worth EVERY penny. No bounce sports bra, no uniboob, and so darn comfy!!!

  2. Love the Amazon sports bras. There are amazing. I am 9 months postpartum and starting to work out again. And i brought those.

  3. I gotta know now, what is the horrible thing your mother said that would happen if you slept in your bra?? My mother never told me!

    1. Old wives’ tales used to say that sleeping with a bra on will cause your boobs to sag! Now I think they say that it has no effect positive or negative – just personal preference!


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