Bowls + Jars for Theatre Room

Decorating the Theatre Room and finishing the basement will be the death of me… and continues to prove to Braun I might be the worst decision maker in the house. BUT, the one thing I did know I wanted was a cute candy wall and good popcorn bowls.

Popcorn Bowls – these hold a whole bag of popcorn each! Since I first shared them, over 1500 units were sold.. so I am glad to know I’m not alone in the world of needing a good popcorn bowl haha.

Candy Jars – these things are huge. Well, comparatively, they would also hold a whole bag of popcorn haha. I’m lining the whole back wall with a bunch of these and assorted candies. I need to find cute little scoops, too. + Yes! They seal!

Candy Bowls – Although the popcorn bowls would work.. they would hold the whole jar of candy. These little guys are just the mini version of my popcorn bowls! They come in a 4 pack.