Top Sellers for the Week of 9/13

Top Sellers for the Week of 9/13 – 9/19

#1 Red Aspen – in the top 10 for like… a year now hah!

#2 Walmart Sweat Suits – both girl’s + women’s:

Girls Sweatshirt | Girls Sweatpants | Womens Sweatshirt | Womens Sweatpants

#3 Geometry Towels – The halloween ones are SO cute! I finally got mine in the mail. They also have some new sizes they came out with recently. Code TARA15 saves you!!

#4 Leather Conditioner – Braun ordered this leather conditioner + put it to good use! It works amazing.

#5 Loopy Car Mount – I have a whole blog post on how I use this so the ugly magnet isn’t on the back of your case.. I temporarily attach it so I can keep changing my cases!

#6 Lululemon Belt Bag – Our favorite fanny came out in cute fall inspired colors.. I can’t decide which I love more.

#7 Equilibria – Go checkout the highlight on my page, you guys I am REALLY liking these products so much and I’m so grateful for the support they provide!! Code: TARATHUESON

#8 Loopy – I can’t blame you guys, I ordered the opal leopard too!! It’s so good. I had to order a few iPhone 13 cases because I’m finally upgrading!! haha.

#9 Mini Waffle Maker – I shared a reel on this and you guys are loving it! Clean Simple Eats mini waffles anyone? Eggs? You name it!!

#10 Socks – These things have like… a bazillion five star reviews. That’s what initially caught my attention. They didn’t lie, they’re great socks haha!

#11 Modere – you all know I drink my collagen daily! Recently I added trim + burn to my routine. See my whole blog post HERE.

Honorable mentions: Zulily Pop-it Toys (no longer on sale 🙁 ) + Beaded & Bright Co Mask Straps (you guys sold them out!)