TULA Skincare

Hi, it’s me, Tara.. The tester of all things an I’m here to report three years later, I still love TULA! I’ve tried soooo many products and I always find myself right back here with these tried and true products. If you’ve never tried their stuff, I highly recommend checking out their kits. They’re travel or full sized products depending on what you choose, and they are discounted plus you can use my code for 15% off the sale price. My favorite kits are the best sellers and the on-the-go kit but there are so many to choose from specific to your skin type.. here are a few others:

For acne prone skin: acne all stars, stay balanced, goodbye breakouts

For fine lines & wrinkles: wrinkle targeting, firming & smoothing

For sensitive skin

For every skin type.. cleanser, toner & cream 3 step balanced skin routine kit