Tween/Teen Bras

Ughhhhh, I think we can all agree that dressing this tween/teen age is the absolute hardest thing ever.. especially bras. I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard “it’s scratchy/itchy,” “this wire is poking me,” or “this is soooooo uncomfortable!”.. and I. Get. It. Can’t all bras be made comfortable?!?! I asked my girls, and polled all of you and have compiled a selection of nothing but the comfiest and highest recommended bra picks.



First up, top picks by Emery and Anisten..

  1. Cat + Jack Target Bra
  2. Maidenform Pullover Bra
  3. Maidenform Racerback Pullover Bra (white) + Gray version

I think it’s important to note that we pick pretty neutral colors here. They make a ton of flashy and cute prints, but they don’t always work well under clothing and often times are uncomfortable. Everyone needs the basics: nude/beige, black, gray and white. My girls struggle enough to choose their clothes in the morning, let alone make sure the color of their bra doesn’t ruin a cute outfit… they’d have to get up an extra hour earlier and we all know that’s not happening.

These right here don’t have any clasps or wires and they pull them over their head like a sports bra! That sports bra is Emery’s number 1. It is also the most expensive of them. She tried it on when I was in LuluLemon shopping one day and fell in love with it! The first two are totally great though as well.


Shop My Girls Tried and True Bras:

Click each picture to shop! 

Emery grabbed this one while I was shopping at Lulu and she LOVES it too:


Next up are viewer picks! There was an overwhelming majority response for the Target and Aerie choices, but I included the top 10 suggestions for you guys to shop from as well… each of these pictures are clickable!

Shop Your Favorite Tween Bras:

Anything from Aerie was highly recommended but the sunny collection by them was hands down the one you all raved about. This one is full coverage and wireless and this one is lightly lined and wireless, but a bit less coverage. They were pretty much equally tied!

This Bralette was the next recommended, it is also from Aerie. It looks like it has really good support!

Next recommended was bras from Target (in this order!):

  • Demi Lined T-shirt Bra – this one is wired, so that’s a total preference thing 
  • Women’s Bliss Wire-Free bra – this one just looooooooks ridiculously comfortable
  • This one is more of a very minimal support sports bra, and looks similar to what we started with for the girls. 
  • This Bra is a women’s so it looks like it has more support, still sports bra style. The straps are adjustable which is a huge plus!

Shop The Sports Bras:

The last two were sports bra recommendations: Lululemon sports bra took the win for sure (and is very similar to the one my girls love!), followed by these Amazon ones! The Amazon ones have removable pads, which could go in either direction.. total pain in the butt or comfy. 


I don’t think kids and adults differ much when it comes to comfortable clothing. We all want COMFY!! I spent what felt like years looking for comfy bras for myself, and then soooo long testing with the girls.. hopefully this helps streamline the process for you and cut out some of the hassle!

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