Walmart Fashion: Fall Edit

Partnership with Walmart Fashion

Walmart has slowly been releasing their fall arrivals and I am here for it.. sooo many cute things!!

Cardigan – There’s lots of cute prints available in this cardigan.. and the material looks so cozy. Check them out below:

Platform Sneakers – remember these from last year?! So cute, and comfy! $17.

Colorblock Sweater – How cute would this be with jeans and some boots?!

Vintage Material Sweatshirt – I love, love the look of the washed/vintage looking material!

Polo Sweatshirt + Sweatpants Set – I don’t even know if I can accurately describe my excitement for this set… HOW CUTE?! Comes in 3 fall inspired colors.

Gray Sweatshirt – it seems so plain and basic, but if you go to the link, check out how adorable the sleeve detail is on this..

Puffer Jacket – warm + cute doesn’t have to break the bank! $25 and 25 color options.

Chunky Boots – I’m not really a heel person but I’ve been really into these chunky platform boots lately!

Vintage Denim Jean – Ordered these!!

Colorblock Sweater – The colors in this are so cute!

Striped Dress – Loving the neckline on this one, overall length is really awesome too. Comes in a few colors!

Puff Sleeve Cardigan – I shared this one last year too, so glad they brought it back. This color is adorable.

V-Neck Tunic – Truly a fall staple.. I love that the bottom hem doesn’t synch, it’s just long and flowy. 6 color options! $15!

Super High Rise Straight Jean – Ordered these to try out.. anything super high rise.. sign me up 😂

Green Plaid Cardigan – are you kiddin’ me?!?!? This looks so similar to the orange one I love.. and it’s green, which makes me love it even more.

V-Neck Sweater – This color green is soooo good..

Long Sleeve Tee – $12, 10 options, wardrobe staple.

Classic V-neck Sweater – This feels like a vintage throwback, but I kinda love it..

Fleece Pullover – nine really cute color options!

Collared 1/4 Zip – I’m really loving things with collars lately if you can’t tell..

Demin Joggers – Okay but hear me out.. thanksgiving dinner pants.

Henley Short Sleeve – The extra buttons on this one is such a fun detail, the peach color is good too!

Colorblock Sweater – also comes in black/gray and soft pink/ivory

Cardigan – comes in cream or black!

Chelsea Boots – If you’re looking for cute Chelsea boots on a budget, these are the best!! $30!

Wide Leg Sweatpants – I would like a day at home lounging in these..

Cute Quilted Jacket – seriouslllyyyy, this is so dang cute. the waist cinches!