Weekly Faves

It’s that time of the week! Here’s what you loved:

1. Red Aspen Nails – You know my love for these nails. The new holiday collection dropped and I’m obsessed.

2.Geometry Towels – My discount code has never been this high! Such a good deal and so many cute new prints with their holiday line! I love these towels and use them every single day. Code TARA for 35% off!

3.Dime 30% off – I’m loving that Black Friday deals are starting earlier! Less panic and more time to plan for Christmas! Dime just extended their sale until the end of the day today! Use code Thueson30 for 30% off!

4. Stanley Tumblers – Matte tumblers are still in stock! The feel of these is so cool. If you don’t know by now they are the best cup ever. Makes the perfect gift!

5.Pill Organizer Large – I took this with me to Hawaii and I’m obsessed. Love the large one for my car and suitcase. There are so many uses for it!

6.Pill Organizer Small – Both of the cases are magnetic which is amazing. The small one is perfect for your purse to keep everything organized!

7.Fujifilm Camera – Still learning how to work this guy but I’m loving how all the pics I took in Hawaii are turning out with it! There are different settings that give it various film looks. Very vintage looking vibe to your pics. 

8.Converse High Tops -My girls wear these shoes constantly and I love them too! Anisten got these as her back to school shoe, there are still some sizes left in the tan + some really cute color options other than the tan. 

9.Walmart Black Friday Deals for Days – Walmart’s Black Friday sale starts 11/7! They have all their deals listed right now so you can plan ahead! There’s some awesome stuff that’s going to be on sale. Including the robot vacuum!

10.Can Opener – It’s not what it looks like! Haha. This can opener is great. I love that it doesn’t take up as much space as other electric can openers and that I can leave it to do it’s thing while I multitask in the kitchen.