Weekly Faves

Cargo Pants – These were such a good find! I’m in my regular size 4. I would size down if I were you! Love the cargo look and color. They will be able to go with so many tops this summer!

LuluLemon Baseball Cap – Ok you guys. I think I could be a hat person. I finally found one that is cute, doesn’t kink my hair or hurt my head. Yes, I got it a little big, but it fits and looks really cute after I shaped it.

Bird Feeder –  One of my all time favorite purchases has been this clear window cling bird house.. Although the cute birds are crapping on the side of my house now, it’s definitely been worth it – the cats and I love watching the cute birds!

Dior – This blush is viral for a reason! I was super hesitant to try it because I don’t normally go for this bright of pink, but it is so pretty and from all the videos I’ve seen, it looks amazing on everyone. They also have some amazing Mother’s Day sets right now. My code TARA023 gets you a complimentary gift with purchases of $150+ when you have a free account!

Nippies – Alright, let’s chat nipple covers. First off, I hate swimsuit pads. I feel like you can always see the outline and they bunch up. Nippies are awesome because they stay secure and don’t show through your swimsuit. Plus you can use them up to 25 times. I wear them like I said with swimsuits, but also workout tops, or certain dresses. Comes in a ton of different skin shades for a good match. Waterproof too!

Stanley – First off, if you wanted the new purple tumbler that launched earlier this week.. I hope got it, because it sold out quick! Besides the 30 & 40oz tumblers, my family loves the iceflow flip straws. The 20 oz is perfect for Jett, Dash & my girls love the 30oz, and the 40-60oz is perfect to take to the pool or lake! Code TARA20 saves ya 20% off on the Iceflows.

High Rise Linen Shorts – I bought the tan in the TALL length and a black pair in the regular length, which probably hit 2 inches higher than tan pair. They are linen and have pleats on the front. I’ll definitely be wearing these all summer long. In my regular size 4 here.

Z Supply Pants – The perfect summer pant. Wide leg, soft, elastic waistband. What more could you want in a pant?! Not to mention, so cute and versatile.

Epilator –  Kind of funny that this company’s name is Braun.. If you don’t know what an epilator is, it removes hair similar to waxing by the way it pulls out hairs. It is electric and rechargeable. Long lasting results. up to 4 weeks, that’s pretty dang good! Not gonna lie it HURT the first couple of times, but now I’m use to it.

Red Aspen –  The nails that I have been talking about for years! They always keep things fresh by launching new ones every week.